Sunday, 19 June 2022

William Morris Tour news and more...

 Greetings to you all! I so rarely blog anymore that I almost forgot my password this morning! So first of all my most important news....... for a number of reasons I have asked Renaissance Tours to postpone the August William Morris in Adelaide Tour to November (13th - 19th). I am so sorry to those of you who were already booked into the August tour but I just know from previous years how awful the weather can be in August and the gardens are definitely not at their finest. November is a fabulous time for the first flush of roses and we will see several magnificent rose gardens in bloom on the tour. November will also be my very last tour, in fact it will be tour number TEN so I plan to make it as exciting as we can! So if you have been thinking about coming this will be your last chance.......

The last four and half years have not been easy for our entire family and as many of you know life changing experiences do really change your outlook on life. I don't believe you can overrate the cliche to live like today is your last and I truly understand how true that is following a cancer diagnosis. I had a scan recently and my specialist reminded me that life can never be the same and I cannot truly celebrate until I hit the five year mark....but that fear still lurks in the background. So we have started the packing and decluttering as we look forward to special memories living in a  small country town at the end of the year. Our last big move was packing up the family home of 26 years and I thought we had got rid of a lot then but I think not! Larry has really struggled with letting go of some of his books but last week someone came and took a few boxes for us...........
We would love to sell the house right now as prices are so strong, so our fingers are tightly crossed that interest rate rises and fears of looming recessions can wait just a little for us. In just 3 months we will go on the market and the biggest change so far is the bare walls! Our real estate agent has said to pack away a lot of what we have on display so the blue plates are gone from the kitchen wall while a few rest on shelves in a corner.........
The kiddies room walls no longer have quilts hanging on them..........
and the hallways are very bare............
We will be finding new homes for a lot of our furniture as our small cottage will not accomodate any of it especially the big couch and large armchairs..........
I will be sad that we can't take the piano that I have played since I was a young girl. It belonged to my grandparents and we have no idea where it will go as we've been told you can't even give them away.......I do hope that it finds a home somewhere.......

I wonder if I will have to take the tapestries off the wall before the house goes on the market? For now they will be staying.......
The very chilly winter days are well and truly upon us and we have had some very stormy days along with high seas so we've enjoyed being indoors.........
 I'm in the midst of creating 40 sewing project pouches to donate to Faye for her up and coming fund raising workshops. These will be filled with gifts for participants and I am glad I have a very large old button collection to complete them.......... 
Last month Emily once again organised the Cancer Council's Biggest Morning Tea Event at Flinders Private Hospital so I had few days of baking to help out..........

Baker's Delight continue their own fundraising by baking the annual pink fun buns in May with all proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Network Australia and this year they also sold these delightful fun buns (that I called boobies!!), that the kiddies just had to have!.......

Wade is growing so fast and it is hard to believe he will be going to school next year. I made him a quick and simple quilt last week using some of his favourite super hero fabrics and he was pretty chuffed.........

We enjoy all three of them every Friday but it is hard to get them away from screens at times.......
 Maisie and Wade are generally good at playing hide and seek as that is always a favourite. Beau will be 11 next birthday and he is almost as tall as me! They do love reading and Emily took this great photo last week with a comment on how heavy their school bags were....full of library wonderful is that? And another lovely photo after a haircut.....handsome boy enjoying his favourite hot chocolate I suspect.......
Well that was a quick catch up so I will finish with some more Morris that I've seen these past weeks on Instagram. It looks like Harrods now have a Morris & Co Emporium.........
and how wonderful is this leg wear that you can purchase from the Huntington Store.....
and socks from the William Morris Gallery shop..........

But I wish Susan from Chameleon Clocks would stop the temptation! I also wish she wasn't based in the UK as I can't imagine postage of a clock being very realistic.........but I will continue to admire her skills in repurposing old clocks.........

So that is it for now. I hope wherever you are you can live each day as though it is your last ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


  1. Lovely to read and check out the amazing socks and leggings Michele. Look after yourself. Love Francie ๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›๐Ÿ’›

  2. You certainly have a travelled a very tough road and I sincerly hope that 5 year mark the end! Thank you for all you have done to inspire us to love Morris & you so much. Your last tour will be super as no doubt all others have been.
    Moving and decluttering will be massive but I'm sure it will also bring you joy and happiness - countrylife is so good for the body and mind.
    Adore those stocking and socks and as for the clocks!! Well they are very very tempting.
    Love Sue xxxx

  3. So nice to read Michele and yes my fingers are crossed for you too. Words I cannot find right now to tell you how much your work and the beautiful lady you are have inspired me for so many years. I thank you for all the fun laughter and pleasure it is for me on my Morris journey….. you are a super wonderful lady.

  4. Thankyou for sharing..
    Best of luck with all the moving etc and try not to think about that five year mark.
    I am still wearing the chemo curl and think about your journey..
    Your messages are a boost for me.

  5. so you have decided to sell your house and move to a smaller place in the country! well you be nearer to your family? no one wants the piano that is sad but understandable if no one uses it or has room for it. A house always looks so empty when there are no photos or hangings on the walls. I have left you on my reader so I do know when you update your blog and glad to see that you did and share more of you life it is always nice to see an update from you - always sending good thoughts your way

  6. Wishing you all the best for your upcoming move,

  7. Hello Michelle I am interested in your last William Morris tour in November and I’m wondering where to find details.
    Kind Regards, Kerrie Klan

  8. Sorry Michelle just read you would like an email.
    Cheers Kerrie Klan

  9. Gillian Whaites20 June 2022 at 09:28

    Such a big change again for you. Personally, this trend of removing a homes personality does not help sell a house. You have beautiful pieces that give your home warmth and heart. Best wishes for your next adventure.

  10. Another move Michele. I am not sure how you are able to do all that again. Hope it all goes very smoothly and that you will be happy where you end up.

  11. What an awesome read. You are amazing. Love the socks and clocks too. Thanks for sharing and good luck with your sale. Happy moving.

  12. Dear Michele. Thinking of you and Larry as you prepare for another adventure together. You are amazing and sew inspiring to sew many ๐Ÿชก๐Ÿงต Thank you Michele ♥️ Please take care. Lots of love. Denise ♥️

  13. Hi Michelle
    I really enjoy reading your blog. Strange to think we meet here in NZ 11 years ago. It feels like a life time ago. I know the fear around tests and being worried about results. I was diagnosed last year with cancer and live with the knowledge that it will not go away.
    Life changes and we learn to live with it and enjoy what we have.

  14. Michele, I wish you an easy move - all around. I know it is stressful.
    One day it will be me and hubbs and I am not looking forward to it.
    You have shared so so many absolutely beautiful photos, stunning gardens and places
    The tights and socks are superb. I adore them.
    Have a fun couple of months I am looking forward to your new cottage adventure

  15. Best wishes from Loxton..Natalie

  16. Wishing you all the best for the upcoming move. ๐ŸŒน❤


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