Tuesday, 23 November 2021

Time for a "Catch Up"

It has been such a long time since I touched base on the blog...in fact it is now over 3 months! So here we are alive and kicking with a few unwelcome bumps along the way! We seem to be surrounded by things that don't make us happy especially hearing of others facing uninvited health challenges. It seems so unfair and just not right especially when some are many years younger than us. But as one of my health professionals said to me recently......."You need to find something that brings you joy every day". So here goes.......the garden has once again been full of joyful roses.....

We have had absolute joy watching a pair of blackbirds make a nest in the garden and hatch four babies........

One baby refused to go and must have stood on the edge of the nest for about three days before it had the courage to leave........
We had joy back in July when Maisie turned seven. The joy on her face was wonderful when she received our gifts including her first sewing machine (and sewing basket), and also the quilt I made her.........

Of  course the little people in our lives always bring joy and they are growing so very fast.......

Stitching always brings me joy and I have filled many hours making bags and purses for a fund raiser...........
Some more lap sized charity quilts that I stitched from projects that others hadn't been able to complete......
And I even finished a double wedding ring quilt that I must have started over 25 years ago and will now be donated.......and I must mention the ongoing thanks to Faye who quilts them all for many of us...she has quilted about 1,300 quilts for charity so far!
I stitched a backpack for Wade's 4th birthday at the end of October and then Maisie said she wanted one too!.......
A shirt for me........
And more joy making a "quilt as you go" quilt for my oncologist.......
Scrolling Instagram mostly brings joy except for the days when I see another young person has lost their life to this evil triple negative breast cancer....so many are under 40 and it is just not right. But many days are flooded with all sorts of William Morris from interiors to tattoos!  
Do visit the links especially the above site as the home is glorious: Haslington House
Hanna H  @generationboendit

We've had joy exploring other parts of our lovely surrounds too.........

Recently I found the most wonderful embroidery site from Kasia Jacquot, a Polish girl now living in Sydney. Larry now has a kit tucked aside for my birthday next month but I just had to have a peek when it arrived today! There is a wonderful letter to the purchaser.....I hope you can read it as she talks about not looking for perfection and that one must enjoy the process.......more joy and an ideal I just love and agree with! I love Kasia's designs with a touch of her folk heritage and I am looking forward to stitching it. The kits are fabulous and a pre hemmed piece of linen is also included.......

So thankyou for checking in on on us all. I should mention that I should be leading a William Morris in Adelaide tour this week but state borders have only just opened today so we will try for April next year...do hope some of you can join me! My final note of joy is perhaps the joy that others might enjoy .......I have some of my quilts for sale again! You can see a link on the side of this blog or here at this link: Quilts for Sale. It will bring both Larry and myself great joy making room in the house!


  1. What a joy to read your post today! I loved seeing the beautiful roses and the happy little blackbird family, and all the quilts you've completed too. Enjoy stitching the birthday present-to-be.

  2. I too, enjoyed the roses...... and seeing your grands.

  3. I love seeing you check in on your blog and nice to do a catch up and see what you are doing - the children are growing up so much! Such beautiful roses you must be so proud of them. I hope you are doing well and whatever treatment you are on is working.

  4. I was so pleased to see your blog update and know you and your little people are doing well. My daughter has metastatic TNBC and we sadly know it is terminal for her. So glad you are doing well. However, for some reason the link to your quilts for sale does not work for me.

  5. Been look look looking..all the best.

  6. How lovely to catch up with your family and you and Larry. The kids are so growing so fast! Prayers for all. I, too, have not been able to go to the sale page. Oddly, it keeps sending me to my own design blog page. Blessings, Michele.

  7. It's so good to "see" you Michele. You have put joy in my day today...and my home with all your designs. Thank you...from across the pond. I think of you often.

  8. Michelle, hi! We live in different hemispheres. And I'm so pleasantly excited to hear from you. Three months is a lot! But you have done so much for our needlework world. This life in photographs brings joy. I wish YOU and your loved ones good health!

  9. So lovely to read this inspiring post. Great to see you back blogging.

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