Saturday, 8 January 2022

Capturing moments

Nothing in life is guaranteed but I do know that the sun seems to rise every day! It is nice to be capturing moments to enjoy what life has to offer even without guarantees.  I continue to be full of complaints on a daily basis and Larry is incredibly patient especially with the very real fear of cancer recurrence after having two unexpected issues in recent weeks.  I also have lingering neuropathy from the chemotherapy and I am reminded every day when I can't do the simplest of tasks. One day I decided to move some bricks and found blood dripping from my fingers and I hadn't even felt the injury! I think it is quite possibly time I used this beautiful gift that Emily gave me well over a year ago but I think they are too nice to use!!......

But there is so much I can do and Christmas and New year has come and gone too. So for all you most faithful followers I thought I should send a cheerio in the hope that you were able to enjoy the festive season with those that you love. This past Christmas I received an extra special decoration for our tree from a very special person (thankyou Lauren x).....we both share a love of Eeyore.........

We decided this year to have a gathering on Christmas Eve but I forgot to take photos of the excitement of the grandchildren opening gifts, but it was wonderful to have ten around the table for dinner.........

Just two days later we received the news that two of our guests had tested positive to Covid so we spent most of Boxing Day sitting in the car lining up for our swabs. So for the next 10 days we were in isolation but enjoying quiet time either inside or out under the back verandah. Inside you would have found Larry working on his William Morris tapestry and I managed some more time at the sewing machine. I had been busy prior to Christmas making doll's clothes for Maisie, a couple more charity quilt tops ready for Faye to quilt and two new Liberty fabric tops for me, so clearly my hands are still useful!!.......

And inside there was possibly a little baking happening as well!!.........
Outside included Larry reading and I was probably capturing moments in the garden........

Just prior to Christmas we had a lovely day in the city that included a visit to Adelaide's Botanic Gardens. And speaking of gardens it was a great thrill to hear that Adelaide has been listed as a National Park City second to London at the World Urban Park Congress......yeh to that I say!.....

The historic Mortlock Library also had a wonderful Christmas display.....hand sanitiser included!......
A few weeks back I sent a message to Bernina Australia wondering if it was possible to have my "May Morris Portiere" inspired wall hanging returned. As an ambassador we are often asked to make quilts for display and this time it was to celebrate 125 years of the Bernina brand. That event was over 3 years ago and they asked if they could have my quilt for a while longer to hang in their training centre. I made a detachable banner that was attached with magnetic studs to the top of the quilt but I had always planned for it to hang in my sewing room after the event without the banner. So I was thrilled to have it come home just before Christmas. So much has happened in that 3 years and it seems like just a year ago that I made it!........
This past week we have had Beau and Maisie for several days as it is school holidays and Mum and Dad are back at work. Maisie has been working on her first quilt (for over 2 years!), so she has now put on the borders using her brand new sewing machine. I asked her if I could ask Faye to long-arm quilt it for us in an all-over hearts pattern (thanks again Faye!), but Maisie insisted that she wanted to quilt it all too! So that will be the next little/big job in the coming weeks after we have pinned it all together........
So being 'retired' has many special moments and plenty of that is spent lazing around scrolling Instagram! And what a joy to find these images of my quilt designs from the other side of the world. Aren't they just stunning? The fabric selections and exquisite quilting was a great thrill to see. I think both these quilters are from Russia so first up from Irina that you can find here: Irina Savchenko....

And maybe another quilter from Russia? I am having trouble finding an instagram link but you can see her name above each photo. I did find that she was selling this quilt at a very reasonable price HERE. I love her pieced layout using appliqué blocks from my Morris inspired "Friends" quilt and featuring the wonderful William Morris fabrics.......I adore the red Strawberry Thief borders........

So dare I finished by sending you all our best wishes for a "Happy New Year"??!! It seems that the Covid pandemic is testing us all once again so we do hope you can capture some peaceful moments in your life. I think this charming image of Maisie (taken by her Mum), the day after her dance concert captures it all! Stay safe and stay well and once again thankyou for dropping by x


  1. Lovely to read your post Michelle. Beautiful photos and lovely to read what you and Larry have been up to. The neurology challenges are difficult to manage at times as I know only too well from personal experience with my husband. Still with your creative brain I am sure that many of these will be overcome by you. A happy new year to you and your family. All the best Carol. XXX

  2. A lovely post Michelle I really enjoyed it
    Be safe and well at least every day has soon joy in it if we look for it
    Beautiful photos

  3. I so love seeing all your beautiful photographs and knowing that even though still recovering you seem to be doing well and enjoying your grandchildren. Your beautiful plants and all the flowers are always so enjoyable to see - we too have covid running ramped up in the country - it just doesn't quit - when will it? Wishing you a healthy year and continue recovery

  4. Happy New Year Michele
    I lost your blog, it was not coming in. I am so happy to find it again
    I just read the last three entries to get up to speed. You are doing so wonderful and I am so happy.
    Life is good.
    Your grand kiddos are so adorable. I am so happy Maisie has her own machine. Was it difficult to get her started? I want to start my babies when they are 7.
    Every single one of your blog entries are so full of adventure and beauty shared. Thank you Dear dear Michele. God's greatest blessings to you and Larry. Stay healthy.
    I do love you dearly

  5. Fantastic photos Michele, thinking of you both xx

  6. Dear Michelle I was so so happy to see your email this morning. How wonderful to spend time with you slowly reading and enjoying the stunning photos. Just loved the quilts from Russia. Instagram sure finds so many hidden treasures if you keep searching. Your garden must be giving you so much joy so many stunning colours there to motivate one!Lovely to read your post Michelle. Beautiful photos and lovely to read what you and Larry have been up to. The neurology challenges are difficult to manage at times but hang in there. What I loved most was seeing yours and Larry's chairs so close together They tell a wonderful story of you both. Hugs Glenda

  7. Such a beautiful post Michele.

  8. Здравствуйте ,Мишель ! Я познакомилась с Вашими книгами совсем недавно ,и думаю что Вы заслуживаете огромного уважения ! Спасибо Вам большое. У нас , в России , все лоскутницы пытаются шить по Вашим книгам . Я желаю Вам здоровья , любви и вдохновения ! Ещё раз большое спасибо за Ваш труд!


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