Sunday, 23 February 2020

Ta Da Part's done!!!

Well in just five weeks and two days the bushfire quilt is finally finished!! Several friends have spent time thinking about an appropriate name for the quilt and Tim from Lloyd Curzon Textiles (who came up with the idea of making the quilt in the first place), made the final selection of "Bee Mindful" reflecting the purpose of the quilt to assist with funds for groups involved in conservation of endangered and threatened species along with the all important bees. So congratulations to Chris O'Brien for choosing it.......and Chris is the President of our State Guild too! What a mammoth task it has been especially the final past days where Judy worked her quilting magic to make it come to life......
Judy was up at 6am on both Thursday and Friday morning and she had already spent time preparing it all on Wednesday evening after I arrived. I added up a total of 25 hours where she was either standing or sitting at her long arm machine........

While Judy was stitching I managed to redraw all the blocks for final publication and fixed the "bolt of lightening" tail of the Greater Glider and also adjusted the tail on the Blue when the pattern is finally released in a few weeks the newly made quilts will no longer be the practice piece!........ 
 It was great to see Judy as I hadn't seen her for over two years so the three and half hour drive from home was worth it all as an extra treat was waiting for me! Judy had been hanging on to some gifts for me from her visit to the US on a quilt trip two years ago and I think a few extras were in my enormous package as well as she thought they looked like the quilt! (and some additions to my bird collection too) Thankyou so much Jude xx

 Yesterday and over the previous two nights I completed some embroidery details, a little more quilting and then finally the hanging sleeve and binding....that last stitch was very satisfying! So Larry took me out for a celebratory coffee at the award winning supermarket I've shared on the blog before. It is only 20 minutes from home and is very unique to shop while someone is playing the piano and then stop for a coffee break in the middle of it all. It is most definitely nothing like the "normal" run of the mill supermarket as you can dine and even have high tea all while grocery shopping!........

 I must also record that we have had a very special event during this past week as well......young Beau turned 8! How those years have flown and what a special boy he is too.......
 So I might have a wee rest now and catch up on some sleep and chat again on the other side of that!


  1. And a BIG THANKYOU to you Michele, for all the hours and hours you have put into the designs, now rest your hand and switch off for a bit. It was great to finally meet up after so long. xxx

  2. "Bee Mindfull" quilt is just you have a date for release of pattern and where it can be purchased please

    1. I will be sure to let everyone know the release date. The fabrics won't be printed for a few more weeks and I need to now write the instructions now.....keep an eye on the blog x

  3. Just a stunning quilt Michelle, I am looking forward do this. Thank you.

  4. that is just a stunning quilt! how you managed to put it together so quickly is surprising - all that machine applique and then quilted so pretty by your friend. That "grocery store" sounds like something I would want to visit but would never have around here - here is just the plain type. Happy birthday to Beau- 8 already my oldest turns 47 today!

  5. Gorgeous quilt. The colors are so brilliant. And so is the cake!

  6. Wow Judy worked her magic in super record time! Such lovely gifts, especially your handbag, such a gorgeous colour and shape! Beautiful birthday photo of Beau, time does fly, but such a lovely innocent, fun and agreeable age! I hope there was actually some cake under the amazing decorations, every kids dream!

  7. You are an amazingly talented lady, with a 💛 of gold. 🌷

  8. The quilt is amazing and completed in such a short time, Judy's quilting is beautiful as always. Can't wait for the pattern and to buy raffle tickets for such a worthy cause. Give your hand a break now , it must be feeling a bit sore, happy birthday to Beau as well.
    Love, Jean 😍😍

  9. Congratulations to everyone involved, the quilt is magnificent. I can't believe that Beau is 8, what a fantastic birthday cake.

  10. I am positively crazy about this gorgeous quilt. The applique is exquisite, Michele
    This is a treasure for the ages.
    I always enjoy reading your blog.
    Beau is so lovely. 8 is a wonderful age. Time flies. We are so blessed to be close to our kids and families.

  11. This is simply stunning. The quilts had fabulous designs on them and the colors are so rich and beautiful. The birthday cake is completely loaded. It is a yummy sight. Belated birthday wishes to Beau. You have been so busy and I suggest take a good break and rest your skilful hands.

  12. As usual Michele another beautiful quilt and well done. I will keep an eye out for when the pattern is released

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