Friday, 14 February 2020

Ta Da!!!

So the "Ta Da" moment has almost arrived and the bushfire aid quilt top will be complete.... and it is less than 4 weeks since the idea was discussed! It was on January 15th that I had a chat with Tim from Lloyd Curzon Textiles and just two days later I picked up the palette of fabrics. I spent the next two weeks researching, drawing and prepping the blocks ready for a working bee on Monday February 3rd where a group of generous girls came to help. By this stage I had prepared more than I thought so there were only three blocks to cut out and three blocks to be placed on the background.....I had even started some of the appliqué seen here appropriately with my uniquely Australian kangaroo scissors! Trevor Robertson is a wonderful Australian known to us all as the 'scissor man' and he designed these fabulous Scissoroo scissors...
 Larry helped me set up our family room ready for the next day of work........
 I prepare the blocks by ironing them onto baking paper first hoping things will be where they should be......
The time always goes fast with friends along with the natter and nibbles while we cut and press and occasionally solve each other's problems.........
By late afternoon no-one would have known that anyone had been there........
 We decided it might be best that just two of us do the stitching to help with continuity, so I spent most of Thursday February 6th (can't believe that was only last week!), with Gina Burgess and it was almost all done. (Thanks Gina x). I will confess that I did do a lot the previous two days but we got through a lot of the fiddly bits together. During this period of manic creativity I decided it might be a good idea to rearrange my working space (as you do!!) and why I didn't do this when we moved in six years ago I don't know! I now have a zone for "office" and another for drawing, sewing, pressing and cutting. This is a wide angle image from the doorway of my 3 metre x 3.8 metre space........who needs a studio??!!!.....

 In all new designs there becomes a problem block and this time it was the setting triangles. On our working bee day a few of us decided the waratahs I had drawn were way too detailed so we traced out one flower with a contrasting base and tip. I pressed them all on and even machine appliquéd all eight of them and then decided they looked like cupcakes or victorian raspberry jellies! I was not going to unpick it all so I trialled a few different ideas and ended up appliquéing the background fabric on the top of the 'cupcakes' using a free motion stitch.....I was pretty happy with the result!.........
 So here it is all stitched together and almost ready for quilting...........

 I am sure four weeks has felt like an eternity to Tim and I had to remind him that each flower took me 5 minutes to appliqué multiplied by 20 flowers making that 100 minutes, and that each stem and pair of leaves took me 11 minutes multiplied by 8 sets equals another 88 minutes... and that was just the border! Tonight I have six more bees to finish and then next week I will be driving for 3-4 hours to country Bordertown to stay a couple of nights with Judy Simcock, an award winning long arm quilter who has very generously offered to quilt the quilt. (Thanks Jude xx). I hope I can help in some small way even if I take some meals! 

 Of course there are still the normal daily Hill household activities and this week that included a wonderful afternoon listening to David Suchet live at our Festival Theatre. He is known so well for his portrayal of Agatha's Christies' Hercule Poirot and he did not disappoint........
 We had the usual childcare duties to fit in and even managed a haircut for Wade and a pick up from school of his cousins.......

I even managed a lovely day with a friend doing a terrarium workshop together at Botanista at nearby Pt Noarlunga..........
And of course one always needs to make time for a few moments of contemplation outdoors where one morning I couldn't help but notice how many white flowers I seem to have planted.........

 These lilies were already planted and they have flowered very late this year but we've enjoyed the new reflections in the outdoor mirror.......
 Next news will be at our little quilting bee so until then take good care with love from us x


  1. Is your bushfire pattern going to be for sale?

    1. Yes it will Di.....I will keep everyone posted x

  2. Oh Michele, how amazing you have managed to pull this off in such a short time. You really are extraordinary! I see what you mean with the 'Raspberry Jellies' - what an improvement.
    Anna x

  3. beautiful work in such a short period of time - amazing. I hope you all raise a lot of money from it.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. The new design is truly beautiful, fantastic work in such a short time. I look forward to seeing what magic Judy creates. I seem to have gone on a hot pink flower theme in my garden at present!

  6. What a superb save on those Waratahs! It's beautiful!! You made it look effortless getting that top together. Know it wasn't and still you had time for the kiddies and a workshop. Bet Larry was a great help, too. Blessings,

  7. I really enjoy reading your blog. Your blocks are stunning and how fun that you could have some friends over to work together. I miss those days, but perhaps again in the future.
    You truly are gifted. This is beautiful, Michelle

    Your little babies are so sweet, we are blessed, aren't we. To have them in our lives is a treasured experience, a gift really.

    I absolutely love reading your blog. Your sewing space is so neat and tidy. Mine looks like an explosion took place, but I find a minute here and there to put things away.I used to be better at that, but now it seems like I am always running haha
    Happy February

  8. What a great effort in such a short time. I look forward to seeing finished.

  9. Hi Michele, Would you be able to tell me where I can purchase the pattern Sophie's August Morning? I don't see it available on the website but would love to make it. Thanks for any direction you can give! LOVE your work!!! Chris

    1. Hi Chris. I am thinking you have seen a version of my "Morning Glory" design made by Lynne at the Mid Atlantic Quilt Festival and she called it Sofie's August Morning? If so the pattern is in my second book "More William Morris in Appliqué". It may be hard to find as it has been out of print for a while but email me if you are having problems and i might be able to help you. My email address is on my profile on the blog. All the best x

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