Friday, 28 September 2018

More Morris Tour photos

Not much from me tonight but instead the places with images that we visited.....please enjoy. I am so grateful to Ken and Nydia from Thorngrove Manor for allowing a bunch of tourists to take photos of this masterpiece lovingly built by Ken......and how proud I am that one of my quilts lives inside......

 High tea with a difference and all in a William Morris setting at Auchendarroch...........

 And finally an afternoon at the inspiring and very restful home and studio of Sir Hans Heysen........

More soon x


  1. Wow! What gorgeous places and that high tea looks amazing.

  2. You are a great photographer. I also visited Hans Heysen's studio and house last year and took photos, yours are much better.

  3. What beautiful photos once again Michele, the weather has been perfect for the tour. Thank you for sharing this experience with us . Love , Jean 😀😀


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