Saturday, 13 February 2016

Weekly catch-up

I will save the next instalment of my Morris inspired quilts for Sunday as I think I might have to do a few in one post! If I do a quilt a week it may take me all year so time for that later. For now it is just a catch up on Hill happenings. Yesterday Larry and I had a very long and exhausting day doing all the photos for the new Beatrix Potter book. I ordered studio lights which took hours to assemble - no instructions and the hood did not go together as it should have - thank goodness for the internet and You Tube and good to see others sharing in the same frustrations! Anyway it is all done so just a couple of little peeks for you……..
And speaking of Beatrix Potter - Helen has let me know there are still two vacancies on the Beatrix Potter tour in September where we will be launching the book - very exciting! But sadly it will be the very last year that I will be travelling to the UK. If Helen does the tours in 2018 it will be without me - my old ticker is telling me it has had enough of those very long flights. 

So yes the book is happening so clearly I have recovered from those overwhelming Beatrix Potter Quilts in Tokyo…….well maybe not quite! The camera is all fixed so photos were done the very next day. But these following photos were from my phone so once again not so good. I cannot believe it is a week since we had the little ones. Beau and Maisie are growing so fast with Beau now at kindy and Maisie not far behind! One forgets she is only 19 months old and being deaf in one ear is not holding her back…….

 Tim and Sophie's new home is coming along well and it is exciting to watch the progress…….. 

 Our Mexican Orange Blossom has been smelling divine as it permeates the house….sadly only for a few days and then it leaves it's confetti on the ground. When we moved in two years ago the previous owner told us she never watered this side of the house so we followed suit and they have still doubled in size - a hardy plant for our dry summers but we suspect there is water somewhere below as Mr Frog still serenades us each evening……...

 Last week Larry and I also enjoyed lunch in Historic Willunga just 15 minutes from home. It is so nice to have such lovely places on our doorstep (and we did drive past and wave Hi Janie and John!!)…….

 a quirky cafe table number with gum blossom and hollyhocks overhead…….

 The famous Russell's Pizza where you need to book weeks in advance and some Morris mugs in a window nearby…….

 During the week I also completed the felted wool birds so they are now perched in their tree waiting for Beau and Maisie to rearrange (Sorry the photos are pretty awful from the phone)……….

So life is never quiet but always good….hope it is being good to you too x


  1. You have had a busy week. Sorry to hear that you'll have to give up flying but I admire that you have been doing that. I do not care to fly myself. The little ones are getting big. They grow up so quickly. Nice to have a place like that so close to home and the weather looked great that day. Your wall hanging turned out very nice.

  2. Love, love, love the birds and wallhanging, what a great idea. xx

  3. I love the bright colours of the Beatrix Potter quilts and things-the photos should look stunning.. Photos for publishing are never easy, even for professionals. We enjoy your blogs and the varied content you are able to share.
    XX Nydia

  4. I hope your lights worked and did what they are supposed to do and that all turns out with your book. Sorry that you are giving up your long flights but I have never been on those extra long flights so don't have a clue how tiring they are as I know I get tired just on the flight and push and shove at airports when I go to my daughter's and that usually it taken care of in a half day or less of travel unless there is a long delay at an airport I only have one transfer. The kids grow so quickly and they will have fun with those birds! that town you show looks so interesting and such a long wait to get into the pizza place - must be great pizza or maybe it is the atmosphere people want?

  5. Thanks for the sneak peak! Love that red pillow already. It's always fun to catch up on the family. You're right - they do grow so fast. My good news is the surgeon says the hip is all healed - ahead of schedule! Now I just have to strengthen the muscles of the right leg so I'll be cane-less. I'm thrilled. We have a bush similar to your Mexican Orange Blossom. My DH says it's a Sweet Shade. Enjoyed the trip to Willunga. You photo essays are always a delight - phone camera or not. Blessings,


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