Saturday, 27 February 2016

Catch up time

Two weeks have passed us by so time to catch up. Our eldest daughter had a birthday and her choice for a little celebration was San Churro because as a member she received complimentary coffee and dessert for two! This was my first experience of this amazing spanish treat……gosh it was fabulous! The little ones have been many times and they love it too….
Maisie sure knows how to pose for the camera! A few days after Emily's birthday it was Beau's turn and we can't believe he is four already! A week ago we looked after the two of them so Beau enjoyed showing us some of his birthday presents. This was a big hit but he immediately took it off when I told him he looked scary….dear little man lifted the mask immediately and said "It's alright nanna…..its only me"! Little man had a haircut too…….
 Last week completely disappeared and for three days I was in "lockdown" (!!!) in an apartment belonging to Sophie's future in laws and this was the view……….

And the view inside where I put in three very long days typing, typing, typing the Beatrix Potter book! I thought it would be a good thing to get away from home on my own where there would be no distractions but 12-14 hours typing non stop each day is exhausting…….
 Victor Harbor is a 40 minute drive from home and a place we visit often. It was a treat being in an apartment so close to everything with fabulous views too (thankyou Adrian and Karyn xx). Every winter the Southern Right Whales come up to the bay from Antarctica looking for warmer waters to breed so there is a reminder of that nearby……...
 The apartment was right next door to a historical site - the old with the new……...

 So just one day after all that work and I have another lovely view for a day and a bit…..this time from our cabin. This was when we arrived today about 3pm……..
and the very same view only 3 hours later when the tide had come in………….
Before the tide came in it was lovely to just sit in the sun and capture the gulls……..

 The gulls became restless and then I spotted the pelican coming in…….

and soon those gulls had all scattered……...
 Another view with the tide out……….
and tide in………….amazing……...
This gull provided a great display for me just before he dived……….

 So where I am and why will be revealed tomorrow…..apparently it is a secret! Take care x


  1. Hope you have a great time, and I know where you are.... you said on fb a few days ago!

  2. Wow they are great shoots of a gull. Beautiful.


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