Sunday, 28 February 2016

High Tea in the Country

So all is revealed……I've had a wonderful day as guest of Michelle (with two L'S!!) White of Heart 'n Soul Quilt Shop in Port Vincent just three hours from home. I was joined by quilters from around the state for High Tea/Afternoon Tea with William and May Morris and a bit of Beatrix Potter as well! It was wonderful to catch up with old friends and new and Larry was excited to meet up with Robbie…a childhood school friend he had not seen for over 50 years! Michelle and her Mum and helpers must have been baking for weeks as the treats were scrumptious. I took some of my quilts for show and tell and enjoyed sharing stories about quilting and the wonderful Whitecroft tours in the UK.……..

 Michelle's littlest helper……..

 It was such a wonderful way to support one of our state's quilt shops and I was rewarded with some beautiful handmade gifts…… very own personal needlework book hand stitched by Michelle, a knitted tea cosy made by Sue and some amazing relish for Larry made by Angela……...

We could have driven up and back in the one day but staying in the cabin has resulted in a short recharging of the batteries and time to see a bit more of the birdlife……..

Back to the Beatrix Potter drawings for me tonight!


  1. Love the pink cutout teapots, glad you recharged the batteries? Think you need more than a day or two to do that!

  2. Congrats on such a nice event. Seemed a perfect day for you both.

  3. Thank you for the visually stirring photos. Just about all my favourite things including the birds.

  4. What fun to have such an elegant tea time! More new friends - lucky you!

  5. A lovely tea party, wish I had been there. I love my Afternoon Tea with May Morris book. It's such a treat spending time with you in your adventures. Thank you.

  6. Reminds me of taking tea in Bath. Gorgeous. Your work looks amazing. K xx


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