Thursday, 1 October 2015

On the road again

We are on our way to Melbourne for a weekend of teaching but decided to take two days to get there. The journey home on Monday will be done in just one day and the distance reminds us how large our country is. We had already travelled for over half an hour when we reached this sign this morning…….
The trip from Adelaide to Melbourne looks like we are travelling almost the entire length of the UK when you see this superimposed map!…………
We've arrived in Horsham for the night so a few sights along the way. My late Dad dreamed about the completion of these Heysen tunnels as they go under a hill avoiding a very long, windy and dangerous road. Sadly he died just as they were completed so he never got to experience them……..

Larry likes to drive so I take advantage of the time to stitch……... 
 First coffee stop was Tailem Bend where the local sculptures brought a smile……..

 As we observed the jet trails above it reminded me of a comment Beau made the other day when he saw the same jet streams……."Look Nanna……shooting stars"! He also chatted about why he couldn't visit his great Nan and Pa in heaven. He decided that perhaps he could grow wings and fly to heaven to meet them…..then he thought maybe it would be better to be Buzz Lightyear…..just love their little thoughts……….  
 Once again we witnessed the horror of speeding trucks overtaking us as we travelled the speed limit……..
 Afternoon tea saw us at Kaniva…………….

but we didn't expect to see one of these here……...

And flying high the Australian and Victorian flags……….

After six hours on the road I'd completed all these felted wool sections for a project in the new Beatrix Potter book……...

More in a few days from Melbourne x


  1. enjoy your travels! such beautiful country - it is always so fun to find towns with unusual sculptures and things decorating their main streets or town square. Are the felt designs in your newest book? very cute - anyone selling it in the states yet? if not do you know what the postage is to the states?

  2. Enjoy the rat race, hope the footy crowd doesn't get in your way. See you Monday, what time?

  3. Have a great time. I know I did when Lar and I was there a few years back. L

  4. Another nice travel post. I'm so enjoying these. Wish I could stitch and travel.

    1. I can stitch but not read Angie…..quite strange really. hugs x


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