Monday, 19 October 2015

Gumtree Quilters Glow

Today is a quiet one resting in the Hill house while feeling a little like a "stunned mullet"!! My stamina seems to be waning as I grow older - three days nattering has quite tuckered me out! But what a wonderful three days it was. Gumtree Quilters of Bordertown held their biennial quilt show and what a show it was. I had the great honour of opening the Exhibition and I was also thrilled to be asked if I would share some of my work. The committee also gave me a table to sell my books……that was a great thrill………
 In the entrance was a wonderful seating area with the daily newspaper just for the men….and I snuck out there from time to time too…………..
 I was most embarrassed to be right at the entrance but of course it meant I couldn't hide in the corner so instead greeted people!……….
 I am always so nervous before opening an event but was glad to have Pat the President close by………..

Opposite me was a small display from the Bordertown Embroidery group and I loved it. So interesting to see the history of each technique………….

 This dress took an incredible 35 metres of fabric and took two years to make……….
Some of the Bedford Mystery quilts for you Faye, Lessa and team…………. 

 The quilt show was huge and with just 51 members I think it is a testimony to their talent. Below I've put the quilt maker and info beside each photo (and remember by clicking on the photo you can scroll through - and see a closer view)
 Judy loves pink and is the talented machine quilter you will see featured on many quilts………..

 Both Vicki and Pat used some Morris deigns in their "Back to the Border" challenge quilts……...

 Mignon is a very special lady that we all adore and I was thrilled that she received Viewers' Choice…...and especially as I had also voted for her stunning hand pieced quilt - well done Mignon xx……...

 There were so many more quilts and photos but the blog would not cope with close to 150 quilts!……….

 I always feel warm and fuzzy when I am in the country…..such giving unpretentious folks who are so giving of their time and talent. I am in awe of people who live off the land as I know how hard life can be, especially when they depend on the weather so much. On Friday I was interviewed by the local weekly newspaper and sadly 'lost it' with tears as I talked of the struggles I know farmers have, so I will be interested to see how that is written up! So my heartfelt thanks to all of you on the land - you are the backbone of this country. My heartfelt thanks also to Gumtree Quilters for not only your wonderful quilts but also for looking after me so well. A special thanks to those of you who made the journey - I know you enjoyed the show too - not to mention the amazing food like I did too!! (And thankyou so much to all of you who bought my book too!) Finally a huge thanks to our special friend Judy who opened her home and spare beds to a few of us… are so appreciated Jude x 
We have a busy couple of weeks ahead as we prepare for our own quilt show - more of that later. Meanwhile I will finish with a sad photo of this dear little deceased bird we found lying by our back door this morning………

 Such a pretty little thing………we were not sure if it was a honeyeater or finch but Mr Google tells us it is an introduced European Goldfinch. It is now resting in a padded box where Larry and I can have the pleasure of him or her before we decide what to do. Meanwhile Mrs Fairy Wren sang to us this morning…...we are just waiting for her beautiful blue mate to drop by soon….thankyou for dropping by too!


  1. Pity about the bird but it's fortunate to have died at your house, it's in a padded box!!

  2. loved your quilt show! when I saw that hexagon quilt it reminded me that I still need to pull mine back out, measure it and see what to do about a border, It doesn't have to go on the quilt frame as soon as I take Floral Fantasy off of it as I have one more top completed but it would be nice to get it done.
    Lovely bird, it might have hit strongly into the house while flying by and knocked itself out - we have little gold finches that do that sometimes - I don't think my feeder is too close to the house but several times over the last several years it gets so busy at the feeder that I find several on the ground

  3. I so enjoy going to quilt show with you, Michele. And your descriptions and photos are tops! You are so good to us. Now continue to rest before your next adventure.


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