Sunday, 4 October 2015

A weekend full of Appliqué

I have just had an amazing weekend in the company of fellow appliqué devotees at the inaugural Applique Guild of Australia's Academy  and I hope this is the beginning of many more. But before that a little more of our trip to get there. On the way we decided to call in and visit our wonderful friend Jan but sadly she was somewhere in a paddock - possibly a canola one like this that we saw on the way……..
But we were thrilled that Tony and Dot were home and I was so excited to finally see her gorgeous home (thanks Dot for allowing me to take all these photos!) I've mentioned Dot before - she was the generous friend who stitched lots of goodies for a recent fundraiser - read more about that HERE. Dot's home was something out of a glossy home and garden magazine and full of her love of stitching. I will let the photos do the talking………the roses are just about ready to bloom……..

 This is the back veranda with views of countryside afar…… peaceful…….

 The smell of these orchids was simply divine…….

 Dot has an intriguing collection of antique needlework tools…….and here is your Mum's piece Helen all the way from the UK in a most treasured place……….
 And our Morris pinwheel project from our first ever tour……….
 I know these three girls……….
 And this is Tony and Dot….well so I was told!……..

I have no room for all my photos but I do have to include this incredible embroidery stitched by Dot. The triptych is entirely made of french knots….but one strand and one twist only - just breathtaking and so intricate……….

And a Morris quilt too………..

 The views from the kitchen sink would keep me happy……...

 But as we were leaving this critter took my breath away…….it is not real but to scare the birds away! Thankyou Dot and Tony…..your home and garden is truly inspiring x
Friday afternoon we finally reached our destination at the Eltham Gateway Conference Centre and what a fabulous venue for stitchers……...
 Larry and I had a queen sized bed each………(take note Helen!!)…...
 and Larry's spot for watching the grand final yesterday……..
 The surroundings are set amongst thick trees with lovely gardens………

 The tutors included Irene Blanck (click on the link to see her lovely work), and also the delightful Julie Adamson with her exquisite hand appliquéd and hand quilted silk treasures……….

 And Chris Serong and her beautiful pieces……...

 The other tutor was Margaret Mew who does stunning reproduction quilts that you can see on her site. It was also a treat to see some members' work too……..

 In summary the Academy was just wonderful with great food, a great venue and above all great company - it was wonderful to be a part of it and thanks to the hard working team who organised it all. Tomorrow is a very long and hot day with a forecast of 35C and nine hours of driving. So see you from home next time x


  1. what a pretty home and gardens your friend has I always wish I could grow flowers better and have such a variety

  2. Lovely pictures, I always enjoy them so much. Thanks for taking the time to publish them. I love the wooden dolls that are stitching, do you know if they are available somewhere? The quilts were gorgeous!

  3. I will find out for you Margaret….lovely to hear from you hope life is being kind to you x


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