Sunday, 8 February 2015

Life is good

Why do we sometimes dream of a "better life" or winning lotto? We have had the same x-lotto numbers for about 36 years missing just one Saturday in all that time...and if we'd put that money aside - well we'd have about $7000 I suspect! But as they say you have to be "in it to win it" and if we had a win what would we do? These past 12 months in our new home I've been wondering if this is where we would really live if we ever won that highly unlikely 'lotto loot'. I grew up in Kensington Park, a leafy eastern suburb full of beautiful traditional homes like this…….
And the one below is what my childhood home looked like……..
 It is where I have always thought I would like to return but when they sell for one million dollars upwards I don't think so! Larry grew up in Glenelg and we often drive past his childhood home that has recently had a major modern makeover. Just yesterday Sophie joined us while we were looking after the two little ones and housing and location is a current topic of discussion. She is searching for her first home to purchase with her partner Tim and they have been looking in the suburb where we all lived as a family for 26 years. This was what we left behind just 4 years ago before our brief stint in the townhouse…….

So why this reflection? From time to time when I am asked where we are living now, the response has been…."Noarlunga Downs? Why on earth would you live there?" Well it might not be our first choice in the all important location, location but home is what you make it no matter where it is…..right? So this is the walk I take down my street every few days. The walk by the river is on hold because of all the snakes!
We live right beside the 38km Coast to Vines bike trail so you do need to watch out as they whizz past……...
We live very close to the start of the new dual 100km/hr Southern Expressway It only takes 10 minutes from beginning to end and funnily enough the time it takes to get to a major hospital and University is now the same time it took from our family home at Happy Valley. We are watching with interest the landscaping at the exit…….

 and below is the start of a new walking trail (with landscaping) that runs beside the expressway. We might have to get training because about 10kms down this trail we pass the back fence of Emily and Brett's place…...
 From the top of the street we can look over to the sea and just see the third longest Rail Bridge of its kind in the world…….
 As I walk back home on the right there is a new extension to a retirement village that has sold out before it is even completed...
 We live in a housing estate about 33kms south of Adelaide called 'The Point' which is about 4-5 years old. Some of the houses in our neighbourhood………..

 A house a few doors away has magnificent roses as well…..
The only down side to the neighbourhood is the family next door - the two teenage sons park their 4WD vehicles on what was their front garden!!!…….
 But home is where the heart is………...

and the neighbours are lovely……...
So what is within minutes of our front door? Well to start with the historic village of Old Noarlunga that dates back to 1840. The river runs through the middle and we have just recently heard that since the expressway opened their house prices have soared - that has to be good for us too!
Today was a perfect day for three lads to be chatting as they kayaked up the river……..

 It is strange but true but my late mother always wanted to get married in that little church on the hill that you can just see in the distance…..and it was a long way from where she lived in Burnside! Strange that we have ended up living right beside it……….
 A memorial fountain in the local park to Diana, the Princess of Wales……..
And in just over 5 minutes we are in the heart of the famous McLaren Vale Wine region where we have over 60 wineries to choose from! (And yes Laraine and Craig……we drove past your beautiful new home!)

 Five minutes the other way is a beautiful beach at Moana and the village of Port Noarlunga - both local places for coffee with Larry……..and the beach was pretty busy today!

 And this is the little 1850 church on the hill where Mum always wanted to marry. Larry wasn't so sure about visiting with that sign greeting us though!!……….

 And the river again at the bottom of the hill behind the church…..
 So why would we want to move? As Larry said last night……if we won lotto he would rather give the money to the family and fly business class on our trips! So life is indeed good and yesterday was no exception. It was very hot so Beau and Maisie enjoyed the little pool. It was great to see Beau in that very same pool just two years ago……………..

 And now with his little sister who he adores…………

 I just love him talking to her here………...

 And on this final note an image that Sophie captured on her phone (wish I could get moments like this!) It is indeed a very special photo of devotion and love…………..
I hope life is being good to you where-ever you are x


  1. Lovely post Michele, thanks for the tour around your part of the world xx

  2. Loved your local tour- we have never had a reason to venture that far. There is just always so much to do here. It is great that you share the world around you. It looks quite lovely around the river. We can see why you are happy there.
    Home is always what you make it, regardless where it is. It is about a heartfelt sense of belonging. It is how a house becomes a home.

  3. loved seeing the area that you live in. I have never been to Australia and so I really appreciate seeing the photos. It is strange to see a church that looks so like some of them here - about 40 - 60 miles from us is a small wine country area and the region has a lot of Catholics in it - there are several small Catholic churches in that area that look just like the one you show.
    The children look so happy in the little pool - you are so lucky to have them close enough to visit with.

  4. Life is good!
    You are blessed!
    Thanks for the lovely read!
    Penny xx

  5. There is a line in a hymn that says " count your blessings, count them one by one" ......we used to change the last part to. "count them ton by ton". That is what popped into my head when I read your post, especially to see the love between those two wee darlings. You are indeed very blessed!

  6. A note about teen age boys with cars.....they move on in about 5 years!!

    And that five years will no doubt see you many more memories and the landscape more mature.


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