Thursday, 5 February 2015

February Show and Tell

It is only five days into February but I thought I would share some lovely show and tell. Thursday is "our" day together and Larry often takes me out to lunch. Larry has been back at work for 12 months now so I am enjoying it while he is working! He was summoned out of retirement because of his skills in the child protection area and is working 3 days a week. He is getting quite tired so only 3 more months to go. Anyway today we came across an amazing cafe that has alluded us for far too long! It is called The Annex Cafe at Glenelg and is full of vintage items and I even spied a toaster that I recall from my childhood in the 1950's! I stupidly forgot to ask the girls their names but the owner did tell me a lot of the vintage items were from her late grandmother and it was touching to see them being used this way. The first big tick for me is fabulous music, antique tea cups and the local paper to read…bliss! 
Sadly the photos do not do justice as they are from my phone and not my camera………..

 Divine avocado bruschetta with goats cheese and a drizzle of pesto…………..

 There was also a very clever mixmaster that had been turned into a table lamp…….
 You can just see that toaster on the far left of the shelf…….
 even vintage necklaces and a bargain at $20…so guess what??!!…..
 And these are pressed fruit in a 'sleeve'…..yum!…….
Thanks girls for a wonderful experience and for allowing me to take photos…….I know our visit is the first of many! In the past few days I have also received some lovely photos from some of my quilt patterns. Firstly from Donna in the US. She received a 2nd place in the Marcus Brothers Innovative Wall Appliqué category at the recent Road to California quilt show and she was so excited! Well done Donna and thanks for giving me permission to share your piece……….
Just today I celebrated with Karen….well via the internet as she is also in the US!! I have been following Karen's progress for two years and it is finally complete except for the quilting. Karen has needle-turned this entire quilt - amazing and it is stunning. Good on you Karen! I've told her she needs to enter it into a show now as it certainly a 'showstopper'!……
And then finally the lovely Irene Blanck from Victoria shared with me of her experience in Charlottesville, Virginia where she was well looked after by a quilter named Del. Well Del has also completed a magnificent version of the cover quilt from More William Morris in Appliqué and isn't it beautiful? Thanks Irene and Del for allowing me to share it………
And Irene I am also looking forward to teaching with you at the inaugural Australian Applique Academy too! Love to all x


  1. Looks like you had a lovely day out, and fancy doing that quilt with needleturn!!

  2. thanks for the shout out Michelle - it was a pleasure working with your pattern - I most likely won't get to quilting this quilt until much later in the year - love all your patterns and will have to pick out another pattern to start sometime later - love the cafe you show and great use of antiques.

  3. Those days out together are so special. And of course a girl deserves another gorgeous necklace! Gorgeous Glenelg would be a treat at anytime, such a special place.


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