Sunday, 15 February 2015

Birthday blessings

Our first daughter Emily turned 33 on Friday……no idea where those years have gone but lovely to be able to celebrate at home…….
 Miss Maisie is sitting on her own now and almost ready to crawl at 6 months.….

 And then only a couple of days later (today), we celebrated Beau's birthday…..and those three years have flown by too! It was a Spider-Man theme and I even had a go with my very amateur cupcakes!….
 Brett and Emily excelled themselves once again and it was a great afternoon………..

 Uncle Tim and Auntie Sophie have planted the tennis seed with a gift of a Totem tennis set after hearing from Brett that he wants Beau to become a pro!…..

 We are a very small family of …  well just Larry and me, Emily and Brett and Sophie and Tim….but Brett is the youngest of five so there are cousins galore for Beau………...

 We had exciting news during the afternoon that Sophie and Tim have taken the first step to buying land and building their first home…and just around the corner from her sister too………..
 Miss Maisie enjoying her other grandparents and dressed in a spiderman dress and matching pants all made by Emily!…..

 During the proceedings Uncle Spider-man Dave turned up - much to the delight of his biggest fan…….

 It will be wonderful when Tim and Sophie can start their own little family…..they both glow with their little niece and nephew………..

 So we are indeed blessed that we can share in these birthday memories. As I was typing this post Larry called out to me to show me the eerie colour streaming in to the hallway through the front door. A very surreal golden pink bathed the walls and floor and then outside we found the source………. 

 We have had a few very hot days but thankfully the evening is cooler tonight. I hope the weather is kind wherever you are x


  1. although I come from a very large family of 12 siblings my own family is very small like yours 2 children their spouses and one daughter has two children - it is when we get together with my brothers and sisters that we have a crowd of 80+ and that needless to say rarely happens.
    It looks like you all had a wonderful time.

  2. DH and I were privileged to have all the immediate family with us at Thanksgiving - all 14 of us. That doesn't happen too often because of other family commitments and one son living out of state. I know the glow you felt having them all there. How nice you will have them close. Beautiful sunset!

  3. Doesnt matter how small your family is, its nice to be all together to celebrate life. So nice the sewing genes have been passed on - special costume for Maise was so cute! Horrible hot weather, half way through February and counting down for cooler days!

  4. So lovely to share this special family time with you. Gorgeous photos.

  5. I love Maisie's Spider-Man dress. It is so cool.


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