Friday, 23 January 2015

William Morris and Andy Warhol (?)

It must be high time I got 'back on track' with some William Morris interest so this post is for you the reader to make you own opinion. I was aware some months ago of several Morris exhibitions on the horizon including a current one at Modern Art Oxford. It runs until March and then travels to the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Now I haven't seen the exhibition but I've certainly read several reviews. I have my own opinion but I might leave that in my own head space. This video is well worth watching just to be moved by the amazing tapestry and also to see the incredible ceilings in the Oxford Union - click on the link……

Alison sent me a news clipping review of this very exhibition some weeks ago that was sent to her from a friend in the UK and it is great food for thought!  The journalist calls the exhibition a "half baked self indulgent mess"! This is the very reason why art is for the masses and if it creates discussion then I think that is a good thing! Enjoy the video and the review here: Warhol and Morris.
The next two days for me will be pure bliss as I hand stitch a design similar to the one above at the Embroiderers' Guild of South Australia's 2015 Summer School. This was my Christmas present from Larry and our tutor will be Barbara Mullan. Now it is not a design I would normally do but I am looking forward to seeing if one day I might interpret some of my Morris inspired designs into running stitch….so see you the other side of that!


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