Sunday, 4 January 2015

A tragic time for our neighbours

I woke this morning to two emails concerned about our welfare and both were from New Zealand quilters! Our mates across "the ditch" will always be very, very special going back to the Anzacs of WW1. I was so touched by their sentiment and Sherryn even wanted to send over some quilts for those who have lost homes. For those of you who live far away you must be wondering what on earth I  am talking about? Our home town was tragically hit 24 hours ago with a ferocious bushfire…2015 Bushfires. This is something we all dread and brings back memories of the last bad one in the 1980's. 
When I was growing up we were taught at school that we were "the driest state in the driest continent in the world". I am not sure if that is still true but we do have very hot and dry summers with extended heat waves that the hardy roses don't even tolerate. Coincidently the old rose photo is 2 years to the date since we had another bad heatwave.
(Country Fire Service photo)
So far no human lives have been lost but tragically a boarding kennel caring for dogs and cats was burnt out. These would have been family pets being looked after while families were away enjoying holidays. All the cats perished and a few dogs were saved. Many people are not allowed back to see if they even have a home and the scary part about this fire is that it is so close to the suburbs and to lose your home and all your possessions is incomprehensible…….
We have many friends who are close to the fire front which extends for miles but thankfully so far they are all okay. I do know the smell of smoke will be awful and haunt them for years to come having been close to a fire ourselves some years ago - I can still smell it and feel the sting in the eyes. We feel so helpless at the moment as we live by the river and ocean and are not affected. Emily and Brett have been having a house tidy these past few days and I read last night on f'book that they have already packaged up and delivered household items for those in shelters without homes or belongings - it is all so awful and consumes our thoughts. Many stories will evolve in the coming days but I think the most moving is the bravery of the hundreds of volunteers who will be working around the clock for days and even weeks to try to contain the fire. Much of it is in our pictorial gullies of gum trees and quite inaccessible. But how brave they all are and many are coming by the plane and truck load from other states to help……the spirit of Australians pulling together in tragic circumstances…….
So join us in your thoughts for those affected and pray this fire is put out soon


  1. I had not heard of the fires - how awful I know it seems almost every year here in the states in the summer time especially the western states have one fire after another and I guess it is the same in Australia - hope they will stay away from you and your family and friends.

  2. So good to hear from you. I have been wondering if you are near to the fires. This is so tragic, am really feling for the poor people who have lost homes etc and the ones who are near to the fires. Thinking of you all from m home here in Auckland New Zealand

  3. Thinking of you and your family and friends, Michele. I do hope the CFS and the other emergency services get the fires out soon. Praying for the safety of everyone involved in SA. Very sad for all those who has lost their homes, belongings and possibly their livelihood.
    I am soooo thankful for our CFA here in Victoria. We were very close to a bushfire here yesterday and I am thankful for a wind change and the efforts of the firefighters in controlling a fast moving fire that could easily have been catastrophic!

  4. We are so insulated here about what is happening in the World. My prayers for rain to put out the fires and save lives and property.


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