Friday, 23 January 2015

The lycra comes 'down under'

Since this morning's post we've had lunch with friends, but before that we captured some of the 'lycra down under'! The Tour Down Under is the equivalent to the Tour de France only here in my hometown! We cannot believe this is the 17th one to be held in Adelaide……that time has scarily flown by! We are very lucky as we were able to get some magical shots just a short walk from home. We waited about an hour and then they whizzed by in a few seconds - but what an amazing thing to be able to stand so close…….
waiting, waiting as a few others join us including the amateur cyclists……. 

 This is the closest we get to a field of wildflowers…….but maybe they are weeds??….

 The first car appears and we get excited……….

 Hhhmmm…….one of the amateur riders disappears behind a tree…..I will leave why to your imagination!

 Then another car teases us that they are really close……...
 Still waiting along with more amateur riders……….
 Now it must be close!……..

More police cars…..
 Inevitably the bike race frustrates some people because they can't get through. So the u-turns and impatience starts to show…...but honestly - how could you miss this amazing event?

 And here they come………..

 And in a few seconds they are gone! But the sensation and buzz as they speed by is just wonderful followed by media helicopters, support vehicles and I guess the 'hopefully not needed' ambulances…….

 So we walk back home across the bridge and look over to see that in just a few minutes they are back out on the main road….(you can just see the group coming out on the main road under the green sign)
 And finally even more support vehicles - this time the ones that take their bikes back to the city. A wonderful event for our wonderful state!


  1. It is an amazing sight to see them whizz by. I did it outside the Repat a few years ago, did you "souvenir" the drink discarded drink bottle ?

  2. Love the short film and the vacuuming of the tapestry(we have a special interest in cleaning).
    A fascinating blog for someone who only gets to sew on buttons or darn socks!

  3. Your bike pictures are great!!!


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