Sunday, 30 November 2014

Being grateful

It has been a bit quiet on the blogging front from me for a number of reasons. A bit of an anticlimax from my last exciting story as I am still waiting in anticipation for my payment for said quilt! I have spent this welcome bonus over and over in my head so I am trying to learn a little patience and gratitude! AA Milne often has just the right words at a time like this………
While one feels a need for justice I also feel a sense of selfishness with the overwhelmingly tragic news of the loss of one of our rising cricket stars this week - Phillip Hughes. It was a very freak accident playing the game he loved and representing our state at the time. You can read more on the web but I found the tribute from his team mate and captain Michael Clarke one of the most moving. (You will find that by clicking on Phillip's name ). Cricket is a big part of our lives at home as Larry has played since he was a young boy. His skills were in fast bowling and some years back I made a tribute in a frame - he is the handsome young one on the top row, second from right……..

 Our girls Saturday afternoons were often spent playing under the trees with their dolls while their Dad played in the scorching summer sun for hours! The trophies occasionally get a much needed dust and just this year Helen from Whitecroft Tours sent an appropriate mug for Larry's 60th birthday……..

 So it is a time of gratitude while life goes on. Last weekend we had a wonderful day with Beau riding on a small version steam train on the Semaphore Tourist track by the sea………..
 He hung on to his ticket for the entire 40 minute ride…….

After a picnic lunch it was time to go to Nanna and Poppa's to put up the Christmas tree and he tells us all he wants for Christmas is Superman!………...

So I hope wherever you are in the world that life is good x 


  1. That train ride looks fun. Mal had another steam up of his engine this afternoon, only a few more "tweaks" and he should have it on the rails for a run.

    Everyone keeps talking about the tragedy that happened - for both the men. That poor bowler too!

    As you say Michele - we all count our blessings.

  2. It's been such a sad week here in South Australia, hasn't it? On the same day as Phillip Hughes'awful death came the news that the much anticipated baby orangutan at Adelaide Zoo was a still birth. I must admit I shed a tear for both events.

    We all have so much to be thankful for, but we can shed tears too.


  3. The death of Phillip Hughes was so sad - it has certainly touched the whole country. My husband and son are both into motorsport, and as awful as it is, you accept that death is a potential outcome in that sport. But somehow cricket is never thought of as especially dangerous. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone involved.

    On a lighter note, I love your Christmas Shoppe. My first thought? "I wonder if I can stitch that....."

  4. Your grandson is so cute on the train ride - I bet he enjoyed it. Love your Christmas decorations - lovely antique sewing table, I bet you love decorating it every year

  5. I was shocked when you left the quilt in Canberra without said payment, but not to have recieved it by now is ridiculous.. Pity i didn't know you were on the train i could have stood out front and given a wave and taken a picture , it goes right past our house.

  6. We have a small gauge stean train park in our town. Every fourth Sunday of the month they give rides for free. I've taken my grands to it and they love it. Looks like Beau had a great time. Love your decorations.


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