Wednesday 21 May 2014

William Morris silk scarves!

And Yes….this post is written with an exclamation mark as this is very exciting!! Dearest Helen from Whitecroft tours is forever looking at ways to reward me for my designs. As many of you know I am definitely not a business girl…..I don't think many nurses are but I am glad that she is!! So Helen decided it would be a great idea to recreate silk scarves from my designs. Jason from In the Beginning Fabrics thought so too so he did all the technical stuff……so here is the launch of my very first 'Michele Hill' designed silk scarf!!
 Now I suppose it just had to be modelled and with my beautiful girls unavailable at short notice you have to put up with yours truly!! I am not normally one to wear square scarves preferring the long rectangular ones but I have to say I am loving this one and not just because of the design!!! It drapes beautifully…….
 The silk is divine and so light…the highest quality you can buy and comes from the amazing team at Beckford Silk in the UK. They do many historical museum scarves including the V&A, the National Gallery, the Tate, Highgrove and I believe also scarves for the Queen! Maybe she might like one of mine?!! The scarf is 85 cm square (33 1/2 inches) and is hand rolled and hand hemmed along the edges. Now this is not your $2 corner store scarf as the quality is superb so it will retail for 49 pounds and 50 pence….making it about $82. (And just for interest I found Liberty Morris style silk scarves are $220-$350 here and much smaller than ours….just saying!!). Postage will be about $4 to Australia so if you are at all interested you need to email Helen in the UK via her website (or contact me and I can forward it on). I am chuffed to bits and I thank Helen from the bottom of my heart (and Jason) so stay tuned for more designs in the future.  
While this is exciting news there is always some not so exciting news in our lives. At home we have a couple of situations that are consuming our emotions one of them being the failure of settlement on our townhouse which we hope is sorted soon. Another sad 'situation' is the news of a very dear friend's son receiving the devastating news of cancer. This tall handsome man in his 20's who lives for his English footy is now facing chemo and surgery on his leg. No-one should have to endure this and to have your children face it is even worse. So hard for this friend and her husband who are here in Adelaide with their precious son still living in the UK. We are all rallying around her and I suspect she will be flying back to be by his side soon. So with that bit of sadness I will share some joy with our beautiful grandson from the weekend. The trees are all showing their Autumn beauty so just enjoy it and thanks for visiting xxx (more progress on the Thorngrove quilt next post)


  1. scarf is beautiful but way over my budget - I guess it is a good thing I normally do not wear scarfs! sorry about the cancer in the young man that is so sad when it hits the young people. Delightful grandson that you have.

  2. Congratulations on the new Scarf Michele -- it is just beautiful. And Yippee for you to spend some time with you grandson.

    We will keep your friends and their son in our thoughts and prayers.

    Take care, Karen

  3. Quilt designer, author and model! There is no end to your talent. Congratulations. Hope that house sale gets sorted out soon.

  4. Actually, the scarf (which is so beautiful, Michele)is quite reasonably prices as I use to see silk scarves offered by the Metropolitan Museum of Art offered for $75 and that was 30 years ago! I will be praying for your friend's son. ANd the fall color is gorgeous!

  5. The scarf is just stunning Michele, there is no end to your talent. Beautiful photos as always xx

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