Sunday, 4 May 2014

New fabric collection release

I received an email last night from a friend interstate who said she liked the new fabric collection?? I thought it wasn't being released until Spring Market in Pittsburg in 2 weeks, so I quickly went online to visit Jason at In the Beginning Fabrics and there it was! So I had better do a quick preview launch here too! Welcome to our fourth range of Morris inspired fabrics! Now things did not quite go to plan and the "Tree of Life" idea I had went out the window…..instead Jason has combined the Strawberry Thief pattern with a carpet design from Morris. I have designed the quilt and fabrics to go with this carpet - the Bullerswood Carpet. We had a great viewing and discussion about this huge carpet at the V&A on the Morris tours the last 2 years…….

This is my paper version of the quilt centre……
And the final quilt …...and for those of you who have been telling me I needed to do more piecing… is a little!…..
When I send my drawings and colour swatches to Jason he does try to replicate them but at the end of the day I do leave the final colours to him….. but believe me the pinks are not mine!! I am loving the blue and orange shades….a little different and I was wanting to get a bit of a reproduction look as well. I think the quilt looks like a carpet and the border designs complete the look. Not sure if William Morris would have chosen these shades but it is our 21st century version! The fabrics will be available from September……

You can see the entire collection here (and remember the pinks are Jason's as he tells me that quilters in the US love pink!!)


  1. Lovely fabrics, can't wait till I get some of all of it and yes pink is very popular in the US and with me too. You never cease to amaze me with your designs. Are you going to do another book and put in more about machine and hand embroidery? Just asking? Starting to heat up here in Texas. Margaret

  2. I am not a big fan of pink at all, but if it sells then you have to go with that. I absolutely love the Strawberry Thief inspired fabric, I will be buying some of that, it looks as if it will be great for some fussy cutting.

  3. Beautiful! Congratulations!

    I love the strawberry thief fabrics too.

  4. The detail in these fabrics is divine! Now to fine a store that will be carrying this line. I am sure some bolts will disappear lickety split.

    Pink, flowers and fairies and no guy will want the quilt but that does not seem to enter into USA fabric design. Morris flowers are interwoven in color and design they look different then girly flowers. Sure hope that the pink draws in the shop owners and the quilters... if they have to buy pink to learn to love great design, so be it.


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