Sunday 11 May 2014

A Magical Mothers day

This is a story that some might not believe but I just have to share it! As many of you know I am in the middle of making a king sized quilt for Thorngrove Manor - a magical 'fairytale' castle in the Adelaide Hills. Recently they had a Mothers Day promotion and competition with the prize winner receiving Mothers Day high tea at Thorngrove along with a $500 Alannah Hill voucher. Well you might not believe it but I am going to share it in the words of Nydia and Kenneth the owners……this is an email to my eldest daughter…..

Hi  Emily
Our mother’s day competition was drawn today. We had entered all our entrants names and dates onto individual slips of paper. So it was drawn independently we asked Ken’s tutor  to draw out the winning name.  All the finalist’s names (selected by uniqueness of entry)  were then put in a bowl-mixed up and Pat closed her eyes and drew out a name. Ken was there and was absolutely amazed, astounded, flabbergasted and pleased that it was you!

I will post the winning entry on Facebook, but only identify you as Emily.
It is so amazing and I am so pleased for you.  I have copied this email to Michele.  She will be as surprised as we were.
Please advise your address so I can post the gift voucher from Alannah Hill off to you.
Kind regards

I was so shocked and of course emailed Nydia thinking that others would think it was probably all rigged as I am making their quilt and this was her reply………….

Likewise ken was amazed as was his tutor. She did the whole eye closed-bowl up high –pull out a paper slip.  Pat loves a bit of excitement and was amazed who she drew out.
I will organise Sunday afternoon for 3.
Love N&K

So dreams can come true and they did for Emily and what an afternoon of magic and the best Mothers Day ever spending it with my two beautiful daughters……...

 This is the magical room where it all began - the King's Chamber with views to the garden and those flowers were for me to take home too…….

 It was a perfect Autumn day with an open fire……..

 Nothing but the best china, the best silver and the very best linen……..

 As for the food…..I think the photos speak for themselves!!

 To top off the afternoon Kenneth gave us a tour of some of the castle rooms…….I cannot begin to describe the impeccable detail from the stencilling to the furnishings…it is all so magical and so medieval…..

 Down one set of stairs and we were outside again and even the hens have stencilled gates…..
 A room with a view and an amazing ceiling…….

 and a bathroom and loo with that amazing view…...
Outside again……. 

 and then into another chamber…….

 And finally back to the King's Chamber and another view of that grand bed that my quilt will adorn………..
 It was a most special and memorable day and what fate that Emily won this incredible prize….thankyou Emily for entering! Thankyou also to Nydia and Kenneth for such a treat xx
So the flowers are home to remind me of an incredibly special day………….


  1. Wow! How wonderful!! And thanks for sharing it with us. Happy Mother's Day.

  2. That is awsome and made my Mother's Dad even more special thinking of your and your girls. I am with my two girls also. Not quite so fancy a place but just as sweet. Margaret

  3. What an amazing experience. Such a grand house and the food looks divine!

  4. Until a year ago I had never been to a "High Tea" and now I have been to three! The pictures you posted with three of each and every yummy - one for each. Another way to look at this is one must take one of EVERYTHING!!!! just the way I like things.

  5. How lovely for you, Michele. Looks a wonderful place to have high tea!

  6. You see Michele, you shouldn't be surprised. Because Karma ensures that good things happen to those who are generous and kind. Congrats.

  7. Oh the photos are amazing! It looks like you had a beautiful Mother's Day ! As are you my friend! Xxx

  8. Oh the photos are amazing! It looks like you had a beautiful Mother's Day ! As are you my friend! Hugs Jo Xxx

  9. What a wonderful Mothers Day at that beautiful place, bet you didnt want dinner last night. Thank you for sharing the lovely photos, and enjoy the shopping spree!xx


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