Friday, 1 November 2013

So much done in two weeks

We've been home for exactly 2 weeks but it feels like months!! Despite only having about one hour of sleep in 32 hours we got stuck straight into cleaning the house and doing the garden….why you ask? Well our real estate agent wanted an 'open for inspection' of course!! Madness prevails as we are selling our little townhouse and upsizing once again! I feel like I can blog once again as we have already found a new home and a few hours ago our offer was accepted! We will have more space for family, a patch to grow veggies and more room for grandchildren…..something we can't seem to do here. Moving date is somewhere after January 10th… to sell this one! My William Morris rose is blooming beautifully so that will be on the list for a new one in the new place……..

It is always so good to be home once again and this last trip really knocked the wind out of my sails - so much so that I have asked Helen from Whitecroft if we could postpone the 2015 May Morris tour to maybe another time. I am sorry for those of you who had expressed an interest…..there are still places left for next year's William Morris tour but I think after three years running I will need a break. Of course one of the highlights of being home is this…….
 He was sure glad to see his Papa…….
 In just 5 weeks he is playing on his own, pushing cars and trains complete with appropriate sounds and with his own little conversation………...

 So now I have two large quilts to design (and make!!) and also design some silk scarves too…more of that later!! One of the quilts is the Mystery class at the Australasian Quilt Convention. Always good to have a mystery when you haven't even made the quilt!! These images are from the V&A collection. They are a little washed out and paler than the original but you get the idea……

These are the fabrics I have selected as a 2inch border around the centre blocks (and I've photographed the manufacturer where known). I suggested selecting a feature border print first and this is mine…….

This is my reproduction muddy dark and medium greens……

the turkey red….

muddy pink/brown and orange/yellow….???@!!….

and finally the deep purple and navy…..

and all to be appliquéd on a good quality quilters muslin. I love the collection and the design is ready to go. Hope this helps those of you coming!

And also since I have been home I have finally completed and handed in my entry for our quilt show. I took it to the UK and back and utilised the long hours on the plane for stitching. I actually recorded the hours it took to make this quilt and was shocked that it has been over 204 hours. The embroidery alone took 57 hours and the machine appliqué just over 61 hours. Photos to come as it needs to be anonymous before the judging process. Once again thanks for dropping by and take care xx


  1. Congratulations on selling the house, that must be a weight off your mind...that and finishing the quilt for the show!

  2. Glad to finally hear from you, you seemed to have been waiting in the lounge for your midnight flight for soooo long, thought you would never get home!! Catch you soon, I hope.

  3. so glad to hear you have found a new house, good luck in selling the condo. Sounds like you downsized too much. But you have solved that problem.
    Love the rose - so full.
    All the fabric looks wonderful.

  4. I get breathless just reading your schedule. Can't wait to see your quilt at the show next week .

  5. How exciting - house purchased. Now just the condo to sell and with your roses looking as lovely as they do, I am sure it won't take long.
    The grandies grow so quickly don't they. Sounds like you had a fantastic time though. Take care Michele.


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