Monday 25 March 2013

World time zones and me!

For the record William Morris was born on March 24th, despite the fact that my previous post records me writing on March 25th!! I think I am still on a time clock in the UK on blogger and of course as usual I was posting way too late in the night and it was probably past midnight as well! Sorry William.........we do know your birthday was the 24th!

Now I can't do a blog without some photos. Jan came on one of the William Morris tours last year and sent me these wonderful images a few weeks ago.  First is of the project that she did on the tour which she turned into a photo album cover and the other a quilt she did in a workshop with me.....they are gorgeous Jan! The other photos are a recent purchase of hers! Jan is obsessed with collecting old buttons and antique sewing gadgets.......I love, love the bee hive!

 and it opens to reveal this.........
I've been on the scrounge for some time for a Victorian sewing box. I have seen just one in the last 4 months but the price was a bit much and it was pretty ugly - just a square box. If I could find one like this I would be very happy but it would probably be right out of my price range!
Enjoy your week X

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