Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Spreading the word

Today I had another opportunity to share in my passion for William Morris - especially promoting our wonderful collection at the Art Gallery of South Australia. Larry got behind the camera this time and managed to capture some moments that I thought I would share. Firstly a big thank you to the friends of the Victor Harbour Library for asking me and to Deb of the Whyte House Gallery for setting up the wonderful display. Deb had a selection of my fabrics, books and patterns and even managed to have some gorgeous purses made up in the Dear William fabrics. I went to purchase the blue one at the end of the day and it was already snuffled up (but Deb has promised to make me another).......

My publisher Country Bumpkin gave me some calendars to give away so that was exciting

 Five residents (and two staff), from one of the local aged care facilities had come to listen as well which was a great thrill and hopefully an enjoyable outing for them as well.......the devonshire tea was well worth an afternoon out!
 And these singers made an appearance and one has come home with me! (Made in the Dear William fabrics as well). Thanks to everyone involved for sharing in my passion!

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  1. What a lovely event - thank you for sharing it with us. I loved all the photos and that singer is so cute. One question - is there a pattern for William Morris Garden? I've seen it in some of your workshop photos but never been able to find it for sale, or have I just missed it? I have both your books.


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