Thursday, 14 March 2013

William Morris quilt display

Larry and I have just done a 10 hour round trip on the road to hang my quilts! We did it in two days and I sincerely take my hat off to all you country folk who drive up to Adelaide and back again in one day (5 hours each way - phew!). I was asked some time ago by the lovely Elaine Pepper if I would lend my quilts for a month for the Geltwood Festival in Millicent. And today I got the very sad news that Elaine had died last year while we were away - so it was bittersweet to be working there today without her supervision - I hope she would have been proud. I am certainly honoured to have been asked and I hope that it brings lots of visitors! The exhibition is on until April 10th and is being opened tomorrow night by the witty Peter Goers. I wish I could be there but instead I am heading to New South Wales in the morning with four colleagues for a weekend of quilting mayhem with the Hawkesbury Quilters. So for now a few scenes of the 'before and after' work today.......


  1. Wow Michele - that looks absolutely spectacular!

  2. Thank you very much for these pictures! I would like so much to be there.

  3. Wow, Michele, I wish I could come over to see them! Too far away, I am afraid...
    It looks like a great exhibition!!

    The Netherlands


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