Monday, 29 October 2012

Quilt Market Day Two

We are being updated frequently of the impending damage from Hurricane Sandy. We cannot begin to imagine how difficult the times ahead might be. Again - please know we are thinking of all of those who are preparing.With that in mind I will bring some more news of our day at Quilt Market.

I started my day signing books on the C and T Publications stand. Larry took some photos and no wonder so many were lined up - the books were being given away!! I was ready a little early so instead of sitting staring into space I hopped off my stool and started handing out some "Aussie hugs".......
 even the brave men had to face me.........

 We had a lot of laughs and thanks to everyone and especially C&T for giving away so many books!

After that duty Larry and I continued to explore the floor. This is the talented Jennifer Heynen who is also a designer for Jason. You can see her latest Christmas fabric range here. Her ceramics and patterns are fun and reflect her gorgeous personality..........

Tam from Berrima Patchwork has always been such a great support and encourages me to be a little better with my marketing and networking......definitely not one of my strengths! So she took me under her wing and introduced me to Robert and 'Mother Superior' of Superior threads and what a load of freebies I was rewarded with. I love the Bottom Line and always use it in the bobbin for my appliqué - on the top I have been using 100% rayon as I love the sheen. It has concerned me a little when I am told that rayon doesn't have the longevity or colorfastness of polyester, but I hate that the poly "cuts" through the sheen. So it looks like Superior threads have developed an amazing new thread that was near impossible for me to break and 200 amazing colours as well that I know William Morris would have approved of! The thread is called Magnifico and you can read all about it at this link: Superior Threads Magnifico. Thank-you Mr and Mrs Superior threads - I can't wait to try it - the sheen is divine and I would swear it is rayon!

After lunch we decided to start viewing the quilts. I know we can post photos on our blogs as long as we always give credit to the maker and today I picked up a magazine which has already published photos of here is quick look. The photos are not always the best (and are reduced in quality for the blog to start with). Next week at festival there will be full lighting and of course the awards will be for now here are a few of my first look favourites. I have photographed the maker info and then the quilt with a detail. You might also like to know that the following are only 14 quilts - today I photographed over 280 and we only got through 2/3rds of the entire show...and that took all afternoon!

This was one of two quilts made from twist ties for bags!

This is from a special friend in the UK and entirely done on silk..........

And a quilt form my first book..............

and one from my second........

There are also an extraordinary number of quilts from quilters at home in Australia, so more of that tomorrow........


  1. Wow Michele, you must be on overload, all those quilts! Amazing

  2. Oh My Goodness... such a feast

  3. what beautiful quilts to see - the tiny hexies - the Wm.Morris from your book - I love the idea of combining the quilt pattern with the bell pull for the border! lovely

  4. The quilting on those quilts is amazing. I really have to get practising.


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