Friday, 26 October 2012

Day two in New Jersey

Jo Ann was so eager to make our stay memorable and she asked me what it was that I really wanted to see. My only wish was to see some local houses and to just see a suburb and where people live. But first we had a visit to a quilt shop (where I requested that I remain anonymous - those of you at home know that is the way I like it)....

I really don't need anymore fabric (but did get some patterns for Emily who has started to sew!) instead I did some damage in an amazing bead shop! Got some stunning japanese beads for my quilts and then a personal adjustment to a necklace I fell in love with. It is very vintage and what attracted me to it was the orange fabric yo yo's with bronze flowers...sorry no close up but here is the delightful Laina who made it and their website......Artful Beads Studio and Workshop. You lucky New Jersey girls and guys...what a studio!

I forgot to record that the workshop was in Morristown - a part of Morris Plains and there is a Morris room in our hotel....but nothing to do with the Morris I know!!

 On our way to Princeton (previous post), I had the opportunity to snap some photos from the car and just a few of the houses I wanted to see.......

The finale was an intimate dinner in a REAL New Jersey home....this was Jo Ann's haven and what a night we had. Amazing food, good wine and great company. Thank-you Jo Ann and Tony for your warmth and kindness....I am sure our paths will cross again one day......

We are waiting for our taxi to JFK airport.....pity it is not to Newark...instead we have a $160-$180 taxi fare - ouch! But well worth it as we are finally on our way to Houston....I think this is the reason we came to the US to start with!! To finally see the quilt show and of course meet Jason! Stay tuned as we finally meet up with many of you who have been in touch!!


  1. Oh Michelle, you have never been to Houston - Market or Festival???? Brace yourself..... sleep now as later it will not be enough. Continue to take pictures, but we will understand that you will not have energy to "post" until you back in OZ..... Oh and have FUN !!

  2. Michelle - thank you for this virtual tour - can't wait till you get to Houston! Regards


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