Monday, 20 August 2012

Teaching journey almost ended

We have travelled 4,000 kms and I must say I am a tad weary....but it has been a privilege and an honour to meet so many of you - thank you. Only one more workshop to go and then I have 6 months off from will be a great rest and we are now looking forward to the William Morris tours in the UK....we leave in just over 2 weeks!
 Above and below are images from a sit and sew morning I had with a few girls in Bright. Angela from Sew Bright Alpine quilting arranged it and what an amazing is very orientated to the bike riders in the region and the very 1st time they had hosted quilters!
 A gorgeous chair in the corner.....I offered one of my quilts to the cafe owner in exchange for the chair - probably good that he declined because it would not have fitted in the car!
 Thanks girls for coming...............
 After Bright we attended the Victorian Quilter's gathering and then enjoyed a 2 day workshop playing with tile designs. Not sure where my camera went so please email any images that you might have :-)
After this we travelled to Castlemaine where I joined the local embroidery was great to convert a few members  to the world of quilting and appliqué...great effort as seen below......
This past weekend we have had a few fun days at the Ballarat Quilters' weekend. I had drawn up some designs from the Ballarat Town Hall floor tiles which I photographed last year.......a few girls had gone home before show and tell as they had travelled so far......
And below is a beaming Pam - her very first attempt at appliqué - well done Pam! And a huge thank you to Jan and Pam who have been behind the organising of this great event for the past 5 years. They announced that after 15 years this is to be the last retreat....time for a rest for them (but who knows - maybe someone else might take it on!)
During the week I received an email from Margaret who did a class with me in Stroud some months ago. She has already managed to get her quilt together and is currently quilting it........these are some Art Nouveau blocks that I had drawn but not had time to make! Thanks Margaret - it is so nice to see them completed...
I also received an email from Country Bumpkin to say that they are doing a calendar with images from my 2nd the Link to pre-order.....I might need to order a few myself!!

And finally.....our little grandson turned 6 months old a few days ago! He is growing up way too fast.....
Till next time (probably from the UK!!)....take care where ever you are X

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