Tuesday, 7 August 2012

After Winter comes Spring

Spring is starting to appear but today we had a wonderful touch of Winter.....I mean wonderful because it actually made me cry! Larry was very brave and hired chains to go up the mountain and those of you who know Larry will also know that he is not one to be adventurous and he is seriously scared of heights as well! But he knew how much I yearned to experience the snow, so off we went. And I might add we were very lucky to reach the top of Mt Hotham without those tyre chains!

Enjoy my Winter Wonderland...............

 As we turned the corner the tears started..."Larry, it's snowing, it's snowing".......but it was actually snow blowing off the trees......I just love it!

 And below is my favourite shot taken from the car window as we made our way back down the mountain...thankyou Larry for an incredible memory X
Back down in Bright there are hints of Spring..........

As always take care wherever you are and thank you for sharing in my adventures


  1. Beautiful Michele, good on you Larry! Love travelling with you.

  2. What wonderful photos. Larry is definitely a keeper - what a man!!!!

  3. Beautiful photos Michele. Sounds like you had a great day. It's such a beautiful part of Australia.

  4. Lovely pics, what a wonderful trip you are having.

  5. I just wanted to jump right in the middle of your winter pictures. It's 100 degrees here in Texas. I always love your pictures being that Beau or flowers or countryside, Mr Morris of course and all the lovely stitched things you share with us. Thank you!

  6. Hi Michelle, my, you have been getting out and about. Not long now before you head off to the UK.

  7. All those daffodils are more than a hint of Spring....full regatta. And some smart person took some quince branches into the house to "force" a lovely spring arrangement - smart cookie.


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