Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Moments in Melbourne

And I thought i had finished blogging for a couple of weeks!! I just had to share our 2 and a bit hours in Melbourne today.....first a snap shot of the street we are staying in at Ballarat - I just love these homes.....

Then a train trip to Melbourne. First stop was this store below and not just because of its name!!
The bike in the window and delights inside......
Luscious colours for some new work.......
And the main reason for my trip was to visit Maria George for some of these.....

But on the floor above I found the most delightful home of vintage haberdashery! WOW....you must visit l'ucello if you are in Melbourne - you will not be disappointed. It is just like going back in time even with the old time music. Kim Hurley below is the owner and she has a veritable cave of classy vintage temptations (including Liberty fabrics). If I lived in Melbourne I fear I would spend way too long in here!!
Above is Kim gift wrapping a gift for our hostess and below you can see why it is so scrummy!!!

....and on the far right of the middle shelf I saw something familiar......
Kim can be found in Room 5, 2nd floor of the Nicholas building (37 Swanston St, Melbourne)....and she has all sorts of classes as well

So farewell Victoria....well after one more workshop! It will be so nice to be home. Thanks once again for sharing in our recent journey on the blog - take care where-ever you are X


  1. I just bought your book,"More William Morris Applique" and I am delighted with it, I can tell I will want to get your other books as well now.
    This is a delightful shop you show - I wish we had more inviting shops around here.

  2. Hi Michele, have used your blog to try contact you, I sent you a email 22/8 asking for permission re 1 of your quilt patterns, I am the Vice president of Barmera Quilters. I hope you received it. my email is tfowles7@bigpond.com



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