Tuesday, 8 May 2012

So much happening

In just two short weeks so much has happened! I will need to do about three posts - so here is the first. Last week I had the great honour of being asked to judge Tea Tree Gully Quilter's quilt show challenge. The criteria was as follows:

 The variety and interpretations were amazing and it was very hard to choose a winner....but this is what I selected by Judith Clements......
 And one of the highly commended quilts by Julie Tanska
It was a wonderful exhibition and I was thrilled to see the results of a design workshop I did for the group about 3 years ago............
Above..........someone please jolt my entry...I can't read the label -sorry!!
 Above from Gill Schache
 Above Mary Schmidt
Above from Anna Rackham
 It was wonderful to see Lorna Nash's interpretation of one of the nursery quilts from the second William Morris applique book (above and detail below)

 And finally Vivienne Dale's Maggie Walker quilt....the embroidery and detail was breathtaking....

Thankyou to all TTG quilters for inviting me and I hope it was a great three days for you all.
Enough for now as I need to do a new post for more news!

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  1. And thank you once more, Michele for your generous contribution to the quilting fellowship we all enjoy at Tea Tree Gully.


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