Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Belated Mother's Day

Here in Australia we celebrated Mother's Day 2 days ago -  May 13th. I have never been enthused for this day...........probably a legacy left to me by my late Mother who always said "Mother's Day should be everyday. Please don't buy me anything...just a bunch of flowers"
But this year was different. Life is passing us by and with baby Beau around it all seems different - sorry Mum! Larry always makes sure I have chrysanthemums so I set to and decided the family would get together for a picnic. Now I am not one to cook but I went all out and had fun finding recipes - the links are below each one and they were all easy!

BUT the weather was cold and drizzling - so we had to have it inside but with paper plates!

 Emily's very first Mother's day
 A Mother's day kiss from Auntie Sophie
 Such a special Mother's day
 Flowers from Sophie
Mother and baby Ant - a gift from Emily and Brett confirming my continued obsession with the TV series Minuscule (I have the whole series of over 60 episodes...have a peek.....(I love it!!)

And to top it all off we had sweet indulgences baked by Brett and Sophie.....

 A Mother's day to remember..........

Back to Morris and Quilting next time (lots of show and tell)
Take care wherever you are X


  1. We too, did a picnic...but not with such fancy plates... paper or no... those plates are great!

  2. Your Mother's Day looked Beautiful and look at Little Beau he is Smiling Now...he is soooo Cute Michele..
    Beautiful Photo of You Both.

  3. Thank you!
    I spent a very belated Mother's Day moment watching Miniscule ... about an hours worth!

    Judy B


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