Monday, 21 May 2012

"Dear William" - new fabric release!

This is just a quick post as I have just finished a long journey back from NSW which stated at 4am this morning! But I just had to share an exciting event which has just happened this past weekend at International Quilt Market 2012  Kansas City. Jason Yenter of 'In the Beginning Fabrics' and I have been working for the past couple of months designing our latest range of fabrics to be called "Dear William". The name was Jason's idea because he wanted me to write a poem to William Morris! Sadly I couldn't be there so I am hoping someone may have taken photos of Jason's booth - do let me know.

For now here is a peek at some of the range and also the Block of the Month quilt to go with it (in 3 colourways). You can see the whole range by clicking here: "Dear William"
 Must have a border print!
 This time it was not only William Morris that inspired me - it was also Charles Voysey
 and also Augustus Pugin

 Tonals in my favourite blue and green

And finally here is the "Dear William" poem...enjoy
Dear William,
I had a dream that you returned for a day
You stood proud before me, what words could I say?
I feared that you’d tremble and shake with recourse
When I told you that society is still full of remorse
For this world that we live in, I’m ashamed to declare
Would fill you with anguish and a heart of despair
So how could it be that a whole century on
Your Earthly Paradise is still a mere song?
But we can dance in your colour, your designs that delight
The wonder and beauty as your angels take flight
To know you a moment and tell you its fate
As we continue your journey of love without hate
You’ve brought joy and pleasure as we share in your art
May it live on forever as we are apart
Thank you dear William for a glimpse of your soul
A memory forever for the world to be told
With fondness,


  1. Your poem is beautiful and says what so many of us think and are unable to say. And the fabrics are even lovelier than your previous ranges, can't wait fot them to be available in the shops.William would be so proud of you.Thank you so much.

  2. Michele as always what gorgeous fabric! thanks for the intro! also love the new BOM colour combos. don`t forget to rest!

  3. How exciting for you, William would be so proud . This is a glorious collection and the BOM so enticing.

  4. Michele that poem is so from your heart - who else has made the name of William Morris so famous in the quilting world but you.

    The new fabric range is delightful, love the colours and will be waiting for it to come out.

  5. Love all the new fabric Michelle and lucky for me I am still collecting for the Morning Glory quilt in your gorgeous book. I adore your poem and I think it expresses how many of us feel about his beautiful artwork and philosophy on life. Beautiful post and very exciting.

  6. Love the new block of the month Quilt, your designs are so inspiring

  7. Lovely, wonderful, inspiring, mouthwatering, delicious and just plain delightful. Both the poem and the new line and of course you dear friend. Thank you for all the beauty you bring into our lives. Margaret in TX

  8. Your poem is beautiful Michele - just like you.Thankyou for introducing me to William wouldn't be the same without him!
    LOVE the new fabrics - can't wait to see them and you again in a few months.
    Take care

  9. YUM!
    Does the first tonal come in yellow like the ceiling paper which is it's obvious inspiration?? If yes, I think I'll have to sign on for a whole bolt and I'll be able to "fabric" my studio wall (well that would be the equivalent to "painting" the wall wouldn't it?).
    A beautiful breath of fresh air!
    Emma B

  10. Just the inspiration i need,
    'Wish it was available now.

  11. Love, Love this fabric -especially the border. Now the trick will be to see where I can get it. Oh, yes, I go to the manufacturers page and see who sells it - most of the time those links are out of date. Could you recommend some that will have it? Alas, your tour is full - no surprise there. Have a wonderful time and love the accompanying quilts you designed.

  12. Michelle

    The fabric is just stunning and I am so looking forward to when it comes available. And poem is so sweet - William Morris would be so touched if he could have read it. Thanks for all your inspiration and hard work bringing us such beautiful fabrics and designs.

    Helen NZ

  13. Love the appliqué quilts - will you be designing an appliqué border panel for them so they can be queen bed size?

  14. Would love to buy some of this fabric but cant find it at a shop or online. anyone have any suggestions.

  15. Looking to buy this William Morris fabric for my Dear William pattern. Looked every where and cant find it, especially the blue border fabric. Please respond to


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