Sunday, 4 March 2012

Time in Auckland

Another class over and still no photos....the time just seems to get away from me at the end of the day...sorry girls. Thankyou for coming to class and especially to Robyn from Patchwork Passion. Robyn will have photos on her blog soon. We had a wonderful dinner at a Spanish restaurant with Robyn and her husband....great food and great company - thanks Robyn and Mark. Today we met up with Debbie and her husband - I first met Debbie in New South Wales last year...she flew all the way from New Zealand to do a workshop with me and then appeared again in class yesterday! And here is the result of our wonderful time together.....
 We caught the bus down to the harbour...great bus seat upholstery above
 And this was the view before we boarded the ferry over to Devonport. What a lovely village full of cafes and shopping...more of that at the end of this blog!!

 We had a lovely lunch with Greg and Debbie and then they drove us up to a wonderful vantage point to get spectacular views of the islands in the bay of Auckland and above is looking back to the city
 This is a bronze relief of the harbour and we were pretty much standing at the front of this
 Thankyou so much Debbie and Greg for your company and also for making that rain and wind finally go away.....maybe we can look forward to being students together next year at Taupo Symposium Deb??!!
Now to that Shopping!!!!! More amazing glass art and here is my new acquisition with the artist on the right - the amazing Peter Raos. Do visit his website by clicking on his name...his work is just divine

And above is how you receive your piece of art! And more of his beautiful work...great to meet you Peter

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  1. Wow... Peter Roas does some beautiful glasswork! I clicked and saw his lily piece. So beautiful! I love his take on the colors and flowers of the impressionists.

    I came across a copy of your latest book, More William Morris Applique, and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed "taking it all in". I can't wait to play with the book! LOVE the contemporary take on his timeless designs!

    I gave it a two thumbs up! Thanks!


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