Saturday 10 March 2012

The New Zealand experience continues

I had one day off yesterday so I decided in this short break I needed to see some sights. High on my agenda was a visit to Rotorua. Since primary school days I have had a vision of geysers and bubbling mud....and that is just what we saw!
 Lovely building above....and also the information centre

 Larry trying to enter a Maori hut!
 And then in the distance we could see what I had come for!

Pohuto geyser performed for was just breathtaking!
 Thermal springs and bubbling mud.....quite amazing to think this is going on constantly underground

I have three more days of the six days of teaching for Lorraine and Barry of Village Fabrics and Needlecraft. In fact it was these two who made it all possible...they have been nagging me for years to come to NZ! Last night we shared a wonderful dinner - thanks guys. And the classroom is full of William Morris (as is the shop with a framed print of William watching over us for the whole 6 days!). Thankyou Lorraine and Barry and especially to all the quilters who kindly loaned their work to make us feel quite at home....a view of just one wall of the classroom....
Thankyou also to all the wonderful quilters who have travelled from all over New Zealand - I am so humbled and I hope it has been worth it! More in a few days
(and Hi to everyone at home who we are missing XX)

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  1. I have had 2 awesome days with you thank you so much. I wil be busy for the next couple of weeks finishing off my hand applique. Again Thank You. Viv


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