Tuesday, 13 March 2012

New Zealand....."sweet as"

"sweet as" seems to be the way of NZ - we see the logo everywhere....and the other thing you need to do is add "hey" at the end of a sentence - love it (i think!)
So in summary: New Zealand is friendly 'as', the cows and sheep are happy, happy, happy (they have green stuff to eat and the sheep are very white - unlike home!), the fruit and veggies are cheap, cheap, cheap...bananas less than $2 a kilo and a bag of avocados only $2 - the fish is also very cheap and that is NZ currency so it is even cheaper if you convert to Oz (pay $2 for ONE avocado at home and they are half the size of the ones here).....so a repeat visit for a holiday is in order with a plan to do the South Island next time.
 The flowers are happy and the hydrangeas grow like weeds everywhere you look
The classes have been wonderful - some very large but hopefully everyone has been happy like everything else here! One of the girls Michelle (with two 'L's!) gave me a lesson in a colonial knot - thanks Michelle for the lesson and the photos and here also is her Morris Peacock sample where she used a load of fabrics from Morris Meadows - very pretty

On Sunday at the quilt shop a car club turned up....photos are just for you at home Kym P!!

Our final eight nights have been at the friendliest motel we have ever visited - Mike and Judith from Summit Motor Lodge at Tauranga. So if you are in the North Island and in the beautiful Bay of Plenty you must visit - we loved the Aussie flag flying - thanks guys for a memorable stay
And the view of Mt Maunganui from our motel room.....aahhhhhh
Home soon!


  1. Ahhh Zephyrs ....memories of New Zealand! Glad you had a great trip there and safe journey home x

  2. It probably does sound like "Hey", but what we actually say is "eh" or "aye", for what reason I do not know, but it usually seems to reinforce, or sometimes question what has been said.


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