Friday, 10 February 2012

Quilts for charity

Well it has been a little too long since I posted....but I have really been VERY busy! New class designs and stitching lost samples have taken up most of my time and then Jason Yenter put me on the spot a couple of weeks ago for another new range of fabrics to be designed by the end of this month - phew! (It is hard saying No to such a nice guy like Jason and the boys at Lloyd Curzons as well!)

In between all of this I have just had four quilts valued by our Quilters' Guild of SA Valuation panel as shortly they are to be donated to various charities....yes I am giving them all away!! I have a pile that just live in the dark, so at least this way they will be enjoyed by some lucky people and with funds going to needy causes. All four quilts feature in both of my books, so stay tuned for details on how you could be a lucky owner! These are the four quilts......(some will be for sale on e-bay)

 Floral Fantasy
 Morning Glory
William Morris & Friends

On the home front:
It is only a week and a bit before we travel to New Zealand for classes and sadly this new grandbub will probably arrive within a week of us leaving! So very quickly I need to learn how to use facetime on my new little Apple mac!

Emily and Brett finally received the baby quilt and canvas applique blocks for the nursery....they were pretty chuffed I think!

 Friends came to visit and what a beast of a machine.....mmmmmm
 These English friends have a giggle at my obsession with PG tips teabags. There is nothing that can compare and I am grateful to my hairdresser's English apprentice who put us on to them. So to continue this English obsession this visiting friend bought me some more 'Must have English additions' as a housewarming gift......thankyou X
 My William Morris rose has a new home and it is loving it!
The other roses are doing well too.....

And why does everything come in a flat pack these days???!!! We did finally put it together with a lot of huffing and is my new drafting table for all these drawings I seem to be accumulating!

Before I finish I must share two more stories (guess this is what happens when you don't blog for a while!). Doris sent me photos of her Dresden plate blocks that she has pieced by precise and what an amazing way of using the new fabrics - I am sure this border print would look effective in kaleidoscope blocks as well.
From this ......
to this........

And finally - Waverley Patchworkers asked me some time ago if they could use one of my designs for their raffle quilt....and WOW - Linda Steele sent me the photo below. The colours are sensational and the quilting just amazing! Well done to you all and hope it raises lots of $$$$. The quilting was done by Desley of Addicted to Quilts where you can see some close-up images of the quilt.
Have a good week wherever you are X


  1. What a delight your web site is. So many wonderful things to love and look at. Quilts, roses,family,new grandbaby presents, on and on. How can I make a dresen plate like that one? What a beauty. OK, back to the quilt shop for more Morris fabric. Love you and saying hi from Texas where we have had no winter, just nice weather so far. Margaret

  2. Hi Michele. I was wondering about you the other day. You've been very busy. I love that William Morris rose and it will be so beautiful when it covers the arch and blooms!

  3. Your Quilts are Beautiful but can see the sense of donating them they will be Treasured by their New Owners...
    What a shame you will miss the Birth ...
    Have a Good Trip.

  4. Hi Michele, your English friends got it right with those products. Used to be able to get all in the supermarket but recently I've had to use fosters and gravox. Those mcvities are yummy, have to limit them! Like how your blog is going along.

  5. Hi Michele. I hope you get in a few cuddles before coming over the ditch. I can't wait for the 10 and 11th of March. I am going out this weekend to get all I need for you class. I just love your quilts.

  6. Congratualtions, Grandma! Love all the photos in the post, especially the one of William Morris Garden(?). Is this a pattern for your workshops or will it be offered at shops at some time. I can't seem to find it to purchase.

    Your designs bring out the best of WM.


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