Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Our first week in New Zealand

We arrived in Auckland to rain, rain and more no photos I am afraid! We travelled 5 hours south and arrived in beautiful Taupo.....a place for extreme sports and this coming weekend the NZ Ironman.....sadly we are not very athletic so here are some images of our adventure.....

 The reason we are here is as guests of three quilt shops....the first being Cleverhands of Taupo. Di has been a wonderful hostess and the card and flowers greeted us at our motel and the little t-shirt a gift for our new little grand baby! Sadly I got no photos of the 19 enthusiastic sewers in the workshop...sorry girls!

There are hydrangeas growing everywhere and check out the blue!!

You can have a go at the 'hole in one challenge' out to the great lake!

Cleverhands shop above and Di, myself and Jo having a well earned drink after the 2 day workshop
One of the students - Sue, offered to take us sightseeing today. We started at the river floodgates...the power of the water as the gates opened cannot be described......

 Above is before the Aratiatia Dam gates are opened and below within a few seconds

 The water spewing out is indescribable. Then we went on to Huka falls (pronounced "hooker" which is one of the many words we Australians have trouble with!!) This is some of the charm I found on our walk to the falls.....

And then  it started!!!!!!! WOW........

And No...we didn't venture onto the jet boat. We thought about it but were told the tummy does turn a little. More blogging tonight....beautiful quilts and my piece of Huka that I am taking home....stay tuned

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