Friday, 17 February 2012

Loss and New Life

Today has been one of extreme emotions. It started as a very sad day as we said farewell to Wal Taylor...another of the elite Pathfinder Force. Wal was an absolute gentleman and I had the privilege and honour of sharing many Pathfinder Force lunches with him and the other wonderful Pathfinders here at home. Wal has now joined my Dad and it is a reminder that we must keep their heroism and memories alive.

A few days ago Emily started to feel decidely uncomfortable and her blood pressure was continuing to rise - so yesterday she was admitted to hospital to REST.

Just before the funeral I received a message from Emily to say that there were plans in place for her later today! With mixed emotion and flowing tears I could not help but feel the sense of loss and new life at the same time. So tonight at 6.24pm we welcomed Beau Lawrence Benham. A month early but a healthy 6lbs 7ozs....
Dad and Mum tired and pensive

 The proudest Dad, Mum and Auntie Sophie
And a great honour for Pop...Larry whose real name is Lawrence. Thankyou Emily and Brett for our first wonderful grandchild! (and we got to experience this amazing event before we leave for New Zealand on Tuesday morning...thanks little Beau for coming early) XX


  1. So exciting for you. I read this with tears as my father is in the hospital and has only a short time left, and my DH and SIL are awaiting the arrival of a baby due any day. Such a reminder of the circle of life.

  2. Oh Big Congratulations Michele how wonderful that little Beau decided to enter the world before your trip so you didn't miss it after all...
    Enjoy those Hugs Nanna.

  3. Congratulations Michele, your news bought tears of joy, so glad you were able to share in Beaus arrival love Terri Gray

  4. Welcome little Beau to a such a loving family. May the Lord bless you all and get lots of hugs and kisses before you leave. Your daughters are so beautiful but Beau steals the show as it should be. Margaret

  5. That's wonderful Michele. Brought a tear to my eye too. One hero leaves and another enters. Best wishes to all the family. Doris..

  6. Commisserations and congratulations! Your grandson looks lovely Michele! xx


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