Thursday, 13 October 2011

Mother nature at her best

The Gloucester tree did not defeat me 36 years ago but it did today!!! Larry even got a few steps higher than me!

 That is another brave soul above - not Larry. His effort is below....

I did manage to get some shots of a few wildflowers that are still in bloom - enjoy the 'eye candy'

The Karri trees are just magnificent.
Larry in the foreground gives you some idea of their majestic size...

We drive to Dunsborough tomorrow and we will visit the famous Margaret River region on our way. Have a good week X


  1. Well 36 years IS a long time ago...good for you for trying!!!!....lovely flowers...Mum (who you met in Sydney) loves the Australian wild flowers so I'll show her the piccies when she comes over next.....looking forward to seeing more of your travels...... oh...and very much looking forward to catching up in Brissy soon...(smile)

  2. Beautiful pictures of wildflowers. Thanks for sharing them with us. Looks like you are enjoying your trip. Would love to go there one day. Especially to the Margaret River region:-)


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