Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Show and tell

Goodness me - two posts in two days!! Over the past few weeks I have not only been slow to blog but also to share some amazing show and tell that has been emailed to me during that time. So here are a few images:
Below are images of the Macktown raffle quilt - from the Scrapbag Quilters of Northern Illinois. You can see it better at this link; http://www.scrapbagquilters.org/commserv.html
It was such a thrill to hear from this group who adapted the design from my Morris Magic quilt...
 And Judy from Queensland has become a great internet friend who has done another splendid job on Portiere....

And I also had an email from Lesley of Grandmothers Garden in New Zealand: http://www.grandmothersgarden.co.nz/page/38-about-us
She sent me a photo of their version - machine appliqued by Betty McLean, hand-embellished by  Heather Clark and professionally quilted by Linda Young.

....and Penny from Canada has done another stunning quilt using William Morris blocks in embroidery.......

 Trudy from the US has been emailing me for several years and I was amazed at how jungle/animal prints could be used on the Artichoke cushion - even handmade fringing....

Jackie from Washington State has also been a long time internet friend who does incredible needle-turn. The first block is from a design by Katie Friesen - another William Morris fan who designed the stunning Ode to Morris and Expressions of Morris quilts. The other two blocks are from Floral Fantasy - so you really can needle-turn those intricate points (but not me!!)......

Judith from the Australian Rugmakers Guild used the centre design of the William Morris & Friends quilt to create this hooked rug - amazing!

 And I finally got to meet Maree (another internet friend; http://www.mareew.blogspot.com/), at the quilt show in Sydney - was that last week???!!!
And Margaret in Washington State - oops I mean Texas! (Jackie is in Washington State)......we will meet one day soon!!

Now for my final show and tell.......remember that plumbing problem from my last post??? Look at the fancy architectural features we now have in our very new house.....(!!)
And there is my Portiere on the wall!



  1. I just love them all. I look forward to seeing more. Hope your leaks and repairs get finished soon.

  2. Hello Michelle.....I am still excited to tell people that we met at the Fair.....you may remember meeting Sandy, and then along came Maree as well....we had a little gathering for a while......you are such an inspiration, Michelle, and it was a real delight to see you sewing, and to pick up some tricks..........check out my latest blog post featuring you at the Fair....(Shiralee Stitches)........I love the look of your new townhouse too....


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