Sunday, 31 July 2011

Inspiring embroidery

During my week in Berrima I had a visit from Phyl who attended a class with me last year. I have had an ambition to incorporate more embroidery to my applique for several years and recently I have dabbled a little with chain stitch and my very favourite - the pekinese stitch (which I love to bead as well). Blanket stitch can get a little monotonous so I have tried using simple embroidery stitches to the edge of my raw edge applique.
Well Phyl has done it just as I have dreamed of doing it - and all on her William Morris Garden quilt. Have a look at her stunning work (and thankyou Phyl for allowing me to share it)
On the applique you will see chain stitch, pekinese stitch, feather stitch, coral stitch and others. Some of the stitches have also have been whipped...just stunning and so appropriate for the period of Morris....

Talented Phyl is on the left with the gorgeous Sue

So much more exciting than just blanket stitch don't you think?
(and Erica....I am so sorry I missed you on Tuesday too!)


  1. I just had to say Michele that Phyl is a lady after my own heart. Doesn't her embroidery stitches bring the applique to life? It does take a little longer but what a result! Well done Phyl and thank you for allowing Michele to share your work with us.

    Jacquie Harvey

  2. Oh just look at that work - Jacquie took the words right out of my mouth - it really does illuminate the fabric (she said clutching at ineffectual words) - thank you so much for sharing Phyl's beautiful work - truly inspiring !!!

  3. OOOOHHHHH I love all that texture! Beautiful.

  4. Oh WOW, and wow again!!!....I would love to have some lessons from this very talented lady, this looks superb. I agree, rather more exciting than the all-too done blanket stitch....will she enter this beauty in a comp, or display it at a Fair or something, this really needs to be shared, and thanks Michelle for showing must be exciting when works of art like this are produced from your well done to you too.......

  5. OMG! Such Beautiful Details in the Applique...
    The Whole Quilt must look Stunning...

  6. Just exquisite, love the stitching...hope mine will look as well

  7. Oh Michelle, Love work on the quilt. Do I see another book in the making? Thanks for sharing. The embroidery sure adds a wonderful addition. I am waiting for your fabric line to hit the states. Margaret


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