Monday, 4 July 2011

Home Sweet Home

Well this blog is for all you friends who wondered where I have been! Home Sweet Home has been bittersweet and we have a few issues to still get sorted.......but the photos probably tell a different story. Don't get me wrong - it is wonderful to be finally in 'our own home' but the plumbing leaks, there is no phone line, no Internet apart from the very slow wireless, the roof sounds like it is going to blow off when it is windy (which is often!), and there is builders dust, dust and more dust- and I am suffering from a second cold for the season! But how lucky are we to have a warm bed and a roof over our heads?
So these images are for those of you who have been asking - including friends who came and said hello in Sydney at the Quilt Show....'here 'tis!

Welcome to our townhouse as you walk up to the front door....(that wall on the left is the townhouse adjoining us)

.... entrance looking though to back

...turn left at the entrance hall and the den/lounge just for Larry

....walk further down the passage to the kitchen/dining/family and sewing area. I don't want to have a "studio"..... I do have office space but I like to sew where the 'action is'! behind the 'action' is my sewing corner......(you can see back to the front door)

i will try to keep the sewing corner tidy!

upstairs to his bedroom......
...her bedroom

and the spare room/office/storage area upstairs.............

and you do not want to see the stash behind those doors!!!

And this is what I have been working on. It is an unfinished drawing from William Morris......I have finished it for him! This is the photo of the drawing that I took at Kelmscott House last year.....

I was demonstrating for Pfaff in Sydney and quilters asked me if this was a new project for a third book - I think not!  Instead I have decided it will be a bonus pattern that anyone doing a workshop with me over the next year or so will get as a bonus gift.......enjoy


  1. Your new home looks already very homely and comfortable. I hope the problems get ironed out soon. The new project looks beautiful, i might have to sign up for a class

  2. Thanks for the Tour Michele your New Home looks Lovely..oohh I Love those Wing Back Chairs..Gorgeous.

  3. I think your new Townhouse is adorable. Soon the problems will be fixed I hope. Don't worry about the delay in posting, we will always wait for news from you. Enjoy your new home. My local quilting shop has ordered your new line of fabric so I will be hounding them soon. Your friend in Texas, Margaret

  4. Your new home looks comfortable and smart. I am having leaking pipes at the moment which is driving me crazy. Looks like it is going to turn out to be the copper pipes in both the upstairs ensuite and the downstairs shower. So watch out for copper pipes. That new pattern is just gorgeous. All the best for a quick settle in.

  5. Wow! Your house looks really nice! Yeah, we wouldn’t suspect that you have some plumbing and other issues in your house if you hadn’t included it in your introduction. It’s reassuring to know you are happy with your house in spite of the common issues that you have to deal with. By the way, the interior of your house looks cozy!

  6. It’s important to make sure that our house looks wonderful not just on the outside, but quite literally, on the inside as well, referring to the electrical and plumbing systems. No matter how wonderful your house is, if you won’t look after your plumbing system, surely it’ll cause a lot of damages, headaches, and costly repairs.


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