Friday, 24 December 2010

Love at Christmas

It is sometimes hard to say 'Merry Christmas' when I know some of you will be having a very sad or lonely one. Recently some of you have lost loved ones, some are very sick and some of us are missing those that are gone. But it is a time to share with family and friends. So to all of you - 'my friends through this blog'.........I hope it is a special day doing what you like to do. Hugs from me as I send you all a bit of joy, love and warmth from Australia (especially for those in the freezing snow)
 I am so enjoying the peonies and so envious of those of you who can grow them!

 And late yesterday this beautiful bouquet of flowers arrived from Tim and Jim at Lloyd Curzon's - the amazing duo who distribute the Adelaide Collection of fabrics. Thanks guys for all your support and encouragement. It has been phenomenal these past few weeks;

 And above - this one off piece of stunning jewellery was whipped up by me! I continue to volunteer one morning a week in the local aged care facility and we were given a thankyou Christmas lunch on Monday....BUT we did have to "wear something shiny"
And I managed to score the 'most creative prize'!!
Not many decorations in our house this year as it has to be kept neat and tidy while we try to sell it! But this tree with candles inside it is a reminder of the season.
I will leave you with this little bit of an Australian Christmas.
Click on the link below and it says it all!
Merry Christmas X


  1. What lovely flowers to enjoy this time of year the roses are stunning too.
    I do love your ingenuity you deserved that award!!
    Loved your little ditty for Christmas I just couldn`t have it without the cold weather.
    Michelle I just got my gorgeous fabric and will posting my blog today on your wonderful generosity. Thank you so much it is a perfect gift!!
    Looking forward to a wonderful New year

  2. Merry Christmas Michele! Thank you for all that you inspired in me and the gifts I have received from you.

  3. Very Merry Christmas, love always to read your blog,
    best wishes Marijke

  4. I hope you had a wonderful christmas,it is all over in N.Z. I had a wonderful 'gift' this week, the best ever, which was reading your calender for 2011, and after being pea green with envy of all the lucky Australian ladies able to learn from you, I discovered that you are coming to N.Z. This is so exciting and I have already put my name down to attend whatever classes you are teaching.Roll on November!

  5. Merry Christmas Michele! Love that necklace and the peonies are fabulous!!


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