Friday, 3 December 2010

Berrima and where is the book?!!

First of all I must let you all know the book is coming! I have had so many emails asking and I am so sorry that it has been delayed. I have been told the book will be available from Dec 12th so fingers crossed you can get it in time for Christmas. I thank all of you for your wonderful support and especially for your patience - I hope it is worth the wait!

Now to my week. I had nine days away from home with three workshops at Berrima Patchwork. Tam and Sue looked after me so well as did all the students! I was taken out for dinner, given gifts galore and had a day off in the middle to enjoy the sights of beautiful Berrima. Here are some:
 The pathway to the shop is flanked by these unusual trees called "Smoke trees". Wikipedia just informed me it could be one of several different species but commonly they give the illusion of smoke.

 A quick walk across the road to the Women's Correctional service. The gardens are truly beautiful as you can see and the women work on them while they are doing their time.(You can see the flags are half mast out of respect to the those lost in the recent mining tragedy in New Zealand)

 And then I discovered one of only a couple of Pugin churches in Australia right in Berrima.
William Morris aspired to Pugin's theory on architecture and design:
 And more glorious blooms..........

 And the efforts from dedicated quilters. Sorry that the 3rd workshop photo is not here - I left my camera in the motel! Thanks for coming girls - hope this is the beginning of lots more applique!

Have a great week. I am looking forward to a bit of a rest with some time to design some new work for next year!


  1. What beautiful work they all did. Thanks to you for showing us all how to make such beautiful things for our homes. I'm looking forward to the new book.

  2. wonderful blocks to look at the ladies did a great job and they all look like they had so much fun...I know I would have.
    I love smoke bushes. I have 2 one at my gateway to the backyard and it is very purple. I don`t get to much `smoke`as yet though. Love your pictures they always amaze me


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