Friday, 31 December 2010

A look at my place and more

It is way past midnight and soon to be New Year's Eve. It is too hot to sleep and currently 32 degrees (89 degrees Fahrenheit). We are expecting a 'stinker' today - 41 degrees (106 Fahrenheit!), but we must not complain as our thoughts go out to everyone in Queensland who has been affected by the worst floods in 150 years. And also to those overseas who are affected by the bitter cold and snow - it is certainly a time of stressful weather extremes. You can read and see more about the floods here;

For now a glimpse of what we did over the last couple of days. Our daughter Emily and her husband Brett hosted Christmas this year and this is how they greeted us! Even the dogs were dressed for the occasion! It was a wonderful day - thanks guys XX
We have had our house on the market for the past few weeks - after 25 years it is time to downsize. It is not an easy time to sell and because we need a long settlement we have initially advertised on the Internet only. A few people have passed through but no offers yet. These are the images taken several weeks ago by our agent for the internet:
So it does get you thinking - why doesn't it sell? We only have one bathroom and people want two but maybe it is this neglected room...... Some years ago the old master bedroom became a sewing, office and general clutter room. The agent didn't know what to make of it so he called it the 'utility room'. He took no photos of that room so you must try to imagine there are awful green walls, a few tables, cupboards, ironing board, fabric etc, etc! So two days ago we started the makeover of that 'utility room'. Some 'stuff' went out to the rubbish and some to charity and some to storage! So we mixed up a concoction of leftover paint, bought some new curtains and even a couple of bargain prints of what look like peonies! So now it is a romantic master bedroom again........
Our first 'proper' open for inspection is in 2 weeks so we hope it sells!
So Happy New Year to you all and stay safe and well.


  1. It looks clean, beautiful, and uncluttered to these American eyes. I know what you are going through - our last house took almost a year to sell. Good luck I hope it happens fast for you!

  2. Your quilts look fantastic in your home, Michele!

  3. Your Home is Gorgeous I would Buy it if I were in the Market...Your Bedroom looks Beautiful with Your Quilt & I Love the B & W room...Good Luck...
    Happy New Year...


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