Monday, 21 June 2010

Sydney Quilt Show and Congratulations

I didn't see the Sydney Quilt Show this year - I try to go every year but this year the savings need to go towards our big trip (which is now less than 8 weeks away and so much still to do!!). Anyway I received a phone call tonight from a very excited Rachelle Denneny - the most amazing domestic machine quilter you could meet! (and a sweetie to boot!) Rachelle just found out she has received the Viewer's Choice Award!! Here is her beautiful quilt (with permission from Rachelle). It has already won the Domestic Machine Quilting Award in South Australia and she also received that award in Sydney - go Rachelle!
Rachelle's quilting is just astounding and all done on her small domestic machine. The photo does not do the quilt justice - it is needleturn applique and made of dupion silk, quilted in silk thread and to think Rachelle has only been quilting for a few short years! WELL DONE Rachelle - it was very exciting to share in your news!

You can see all the winners at this link;

And I thought you might like a quick look at a quilt I have been designing using the Adelaide Collection fabrics. Jason has cleverly 'coloured in' the fabrics. It will be a Block of the Month quilt soon! (this is the Burgundy colourway and there will be a blue one as well).
Have a great week 

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  1. Your new design is jus beautiful - love the sashine


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