Sunday, 13 June 2010

Apostles of Beauty: Arts and Crafts from Britain to Chicago, Part 1

I've been away for over a week meeting quilters in Broken Hill and Burra...........thanks girls for inviting me to help spread the magic of William Morris! While in Broken Hill Larry and I stayed at the most wonderful self contained accommodation "Tarawingee".......a home away from home of 2 bedrooms, lounge, dining, laundry, kitchen - everything you need!

Then to Burra staying in a quaint cottage "Ivy Cottage" but I fear there was a ghost who didn't want me there. A few mishaps including almost burning the cottage down with a candle!!

So back to the computer and catching up on emails - someone did ask me if they could purchase the book yet and I did know that Country Bumpkin are taking pre-sale orders. I visited this link and 'lo and behold there are some pages from the book for you to see. Go to this link and click on the 'next page' button to flick through.......

Now finally enjoy the ten minute video link above.........a bit late to see the exhibition but a most enjoyable viewing

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