Thursday, 8 July 2010

William Morris Exhibition

While having a break from proofing the book I often find myself surfing the net looking for interesting news of Morris. I came across this fascinating article about an exhibition "William Morris a Sense of Place" being held from June 26th - October 17th at Bowness in the Lakes District.
"Morris's sense of place is the unifying thread which runs through this comprehensive exhibition at Blackwell, The Arts & Crafts House. Covering Morris's domestic life, design work and writings, his feelings about the wider environment of countryside and city and conservation work the exhibition investigates Morris's instinctive’ feel for place which became an underlying factor in his wellbeing, creativity and ideas on a fairer society.

Designs, textiles, books, samples and personal objects have been collected by Curator, Dr Kathy Haslam from public and private collections to illustrate the life and work of the Father of the Arts & Crafts, displaying them in the beautiful surroundings of one of the finest surviving Arts & Crafts houses in Britain."
Read more of this at this site;

The exhibition is being held at Blackwell House and can be found at Bowness in the Lakes District. We have visited this area twice on our visits to the UK and in 2003 spent a delightful week in Windermere at one of the many beautiful B&B's. Wish I had known of this Arts & Crafts house then! Check out their website;
And another amazing exhibition which is showing concurrently in the house grounds from Steve Messam, 'an environmental artist'. This is called lawnpaper - very clever!

The grass will be trimmed and shaded to reflect a William Morris wallpaper and is expected to grow out in 4-5 weeks. So then I had to visit his website;

Enjoy and have a great week

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